Chicago personal injury lawyers file lawsuit over Transformers 3 accident

Illinois accident attorneys have filed a lawsuit in the Circuit Court of Cook County stemming from an accident that occurred on the movie set of Transformers 3 that left a woman with brain damage, according to the Associated Press.

The Chicago area accident took place when the victim was working on the movie set as an extra on September 1, 2010. She was making minimum wage and an additional $25 because she was using her own car.

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that the lawsuit alleges that the victim was driving her blue Scion as part of a stunt as the movie was being filmed on a roadway in Hammond, Indiana. At that time three flatbed trucks and two stunt cars going in excess of 50 mph were moving towards her vehicle on the opposite side of the roadway. Two trucks involved were pulling cars with steel cables.

As the plaintiff’s car and the other vehicles neared each other, a metal bracket attached to one of the stunt cars broke loose, went airborne, and shattered the victims windshield, hitting her on the head.

Lawsuit alleges the incident occurred because of substandard design work and welding. Further, it is stated that the same stunt was tried a day earlier and failed, causing them to hastily prepare additional stunts.

The suit alleges that the accident caused permanent brain damage, her left side is paralyzed, and her left eye had to be stitched closed. The plaintiff spent almost a month at Loyola Medical Center in intensive care, and was later moved to the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.

One of the defendants named in the lawsuit is Paramount pictures, who has issued a statement as already apologized for the accident and offering to help the family.

The plaintiff is being represented by Todd Smith of Powers, Rogers & Smith in Chicago

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