22 -year-old passenger killed in Chicago car accident

An Illinois auto accident on S. Lake Shore Dr. has claimed the life of a 22-year-old passenger, according to NBC news. The crash occurred in the area of Hyde Park just after 12 PM on Saturday.

A 20-year-old woman was driving the car when lost control and hit a light pole. The vehicle was headed northbound and the payment was wet at the time of the occurrence. Both driver and passenger were rushed by ambulance to Northwestern Memorial Hospital. The passenger died a couple hours later at the hospital. The victim was a resident of the 7000 block of S. South Shore Drive.

The at fault driver was ticketed by the Chicago Police Department for driving without insurance. The major accident investigation unit is handling the accident.

As far as a civil claim is concerned, due to the fact defendant was reportedly uninsured, hopefully the victim was covered by his own policy of auto insurance. It is not been reported if the Chicago car accident attorney is involved in the case yet. When a lawyer gets involved, one thing he will look to do is set up an uninsured motorist claim on the passenger’s insurance policy. He will also look to verify whether there was any insurance covering the at fault driver.

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