Chicago car accident injures 9 on the north side

NBC news is reporting that a total of nine people have been hurt, seven seriously, in a Chicago car crash. The accident happened in the Logan Square neighborhood on the north side just after 2 AM on Saturday morning. It is being reported that a driver of a silver Infiniti caused the accident, however there is no indication that the crash was alcohol related, that according to the Chicago Police Department.

Infiniti was headed westbound on Fullerton Avenue when it hit another Infiniti vehicle at or near Sacramento Boulevard. The at fault driver then fled the scene of the accident and headed back east on Fullerton at a high rate of speed. As the silver Infiniti fled, it crashed into a taxicab in a Toyota in the 2900 block of W. Fullerton Ave.

The force of the impact ejected three people from the Infiniti, injured the taxi driver and passenger, and injured the woman driving the Toyota. According to witnesses, the at fault driver was alert after the crash, however the three passengers that were ejected were unresponsive.

The injured victims in the accident were taken by ambulance to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Mount Sinai Hospital, Norwegian Hospital, Illinois Masonic Medical Center, and St. Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center. The severity of the injuries has not yet been reported.

In an accident like this, it is a good idea to seek help from a Chicago injury lawyer. The first potential problem is whether or not the at fault Infiniti driver had auto insurance. In my experience, most drivers that flee the scene are uninsured. The next issue is, if there was insurance, whether there’s enough insurance money to go around. Because so many people were injured in this car crash, there will most likely not be enough insurance.

What could happen is that, with the help of the Chicago car crash attorney, the injured parties will be able to make uninsured motorist claims, or underinsured motorist claims, against their own auto insurance policies. Click here to read more about Illinois uninsured and underinsured motorist claims.

Click here to read the story as reported by CBS News and ABC News in Chicago.

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