Chicago pedestrian accident lawyer settles case

Chicago injury attorneys at Abels & Annes have reached a settlement in a pedestrian accident case that occurred on the north side.

The accident took place on December 16, 2009 at the intersection of Sheridan Road and Estes. Our client was walking northbound on the west side of Sheridan Road. The defendant was driving westbound on Estes. Our client had a walk signal at the stop light and began to cross Estes within a marked crosswalk. At that time the driver, who was in an SUV, had a red light. The defendant entered the crosswalk on red and the front of the SUV struck our client, causing her to fall to the ground. She landed on her backside and head.

The Chicago Police Department responded to the accident. At the scene the defendant admitted to the investigating police officer that he did not see our client in the crosswalk. An independent witness also reported to the police that our client was crossing within the crosswalk on a green light.

After the accident the plaintiff had immediate onset of pain. She had pain on the back of her head, both knees and her left hand. She was transported by ambulance to the emergency room at St. Francis Hospital. There, a history was taken she was examined and diagnostic tests were performed. She was prescribed pain medication and instructed to seek follow up medical care.

Due to our clients ongoing and increasing complaints of pain and discomfort, including onset of neck and back pain, she sought medical treatment two days later with a medical doctor. The doctor prescribed pain medication and a course of physical therapy.

She went to physical therapy at ATI in Chicago. She was seen a total of 22 times over two months. After that, she was discharged with a home exercise program.

The case settled for $22,250. American Family Insurance paid on the claim. The case settled without having to file a lawsuit.

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