Chicago auto accident lawyer to represent a North Side crash victim

Illinois car crash attorneys at Abels & Annes have signed on to represent a woman who was injured in a motor vehicle accident on the North Side of Chicago in September 2010. The accident happened at the intersection of Greenleaf and Sheridan Road. Our client was driving eastbound on Greenleaf with a green light when the defendant, who was southbound on Sheridan, ran a red light and hit the plaintiff’s vehicle.

The accident was investigated by the Chicago Police Department. The defendant admitted fault to the investigating officer.

Shortly after the accident, the plaintiff developed pain on the left side of her neck and shoulder. She has since started medical treatment with a physician in Chicago. She has also been diagnosed with post traumatic stress due to the accident.

Our client’ s 12-year-old grandson was riding as a passenger in her vehicle at the time of the accident. Luckily, he was not injured.

Both the plaintiff and the defendant have Allstate Insurance, who will be paying on the claim.

Red light cases can sometimes be very difficult to prosecute in court. Often, the at fault driver is first apologetic after the accident, but by the time the police arrive he or she changes their story. Then the case turns into a “he said she said” type of situation. Fortunately, in this case the defendant was honest and admitted she caused the accident.

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