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January 30, 2015

Driver Loses Control, Strikes Home in Morgan Park

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13015%282%29.jpgThe inherent dangers associated with a car accident in Chicago or in Illinois cannot be overstated. From physical damage to a vehicle to the injuries that may result and even the emotional harm caused by a crash, the toll enacted when cars collide is significant and can affect not only those involved but also their family members and loved ones.

This harm can happen even in a single-vehicle collision. While many car accidents happen because two or more cars collide, others occur and involve only one vehicle for a number of reasons. A mechanical failure, a blown tire, poor weather conditions, or distracted driving are some of the common factors cited when a single car crash happens but they are far from the only ones. These accidents can harm the drivers involved, the passengers in their car, or even those outside of the vehicle including pedestrians or others who happen to be in the area. When a crash happens and injuries result, the laws in Illinois may enable victim to obtain financial payment for their injuries if those victims seek help with a legal claim. Speaking with an attorney who handles personal injury cases can help you understand what relief may be possible and if you have a valid claim if a collision has impacted your life.

Chicago police are still reviewing the facts surrounding a single car accident early Friday morning on the city's Far South Side. Officials have stated that the accident happened when a car traveling in the 800 block of West 107th Avenue lost control, left the road's surface, and struck a nearby home. The incident happened around 1:00 a.m. and the cause of the crash remains unknown at this time.

The crash may have involved high speeds and caused significant damage both to the vehicle involved and the home that was hit. Five people were inside the home and were sleeping when they heard the crash and noticed things inside the house falling to the ground, but none of those in the home were injured. Emergency medical crews responded to the area and assessed the driver of the car who sustained significant, but undisclosed, injuries in the incident and was taken by ambulance to Advocate Christ Medical Center.

Police started an investigation into this incident when they arrived on scene shortly after 1:00 a.m. and their review of all relevant facts is ongoing at this time. The outcome of their investigation may determine whether the driver erred prior to the crash or whether that driver will face any traffic or criminal charges for the collision that knocked several bricks free from the house but left the house standing.

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January 26, 2015

Passenger Injured in Chicago Rollover Accident

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12615%283%29.jpgIn most instances, rollover accidents begin with an initial impact between a rolling car and another object - called a "tripped" collision - whether that object is a second vehicle, a curb, or a fixed object near the roadway. In other instances, a rollover happens without an initial impact and is an untripped rollover. These may happen if a vehicle takes a corner at a speed too high to be safe or if a tire blows and causes a driver to lose control.

Rollover accidents are some of the most deadly forms of collisions that plague the streets of Chicago. Unlike a crash that leaves a vehicle standing upright, a rollover collision involves multiple impacts at multiple points on the vehicle. Damage to a front end, rear end, side, roof, and floor are all possible when a vehicle rolls and the odds of damage increase as the number of rollovers compound. Importantly, safety advances that have made collisions much more survivable have had little effect on rollovers in recent decades as the new addition of these features rarely focuses on the roof of a vehicle.

Though rollover collisions are serious and may cause injuries, the victims of these crashes should know that relief may be available and may be able to provide these victims with the compensation they deserve. Claims for relief are separate and distinct from any traffic or criminal charges that may be sought by the State of Illinois and may include a claim for medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages among any other damages that result from a crash. The facts of an accident can determine what relief may be possible and whether payment is possible so if you have been injured or if your loved one has been hurt, speaking to a lawyer in Chicago may help you understand your legal options following an accident.

On Sunday morning, a car traveling in the 3600 block of West Foster Avenue sideswiped a second vehicle in the area before colliding with a bus stop. The force of the impact then led the vehicle to roll over and left one passenger with significant injuries. Police and emergency crews responded to the scene and evaluated three people inside the car; reportedly, a 22-year-old male driver and another male passenger were uninjured while a 23-year-old female passenger sustained serious injuries and was taken by ambulance to an area hospital.

Fortunately, officials have confirmed that no pedestrians were in the area of the bus stop at the time of the 1:00 a.m. crash and that those inside the first car were the only ones hurt.

At this time, the 22-year-old driver is facing charges for failing to stay within a lane of traffic and failing to reduce speed to avoid a collision. The investigation is ongoing at this time, though, so it is possible that additional charges may be issued.

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January 23, 2015

Choque de carro Individual en la I-55 Deja a 2 personas heridas

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12215.jpgLos estimados de seguros indican que un conductor típico Americano estará involucrado en tres o cuatro accidentes de carro sobre el curso de su vida. Si usted conduce más que el promedio o si a menudo es un pasajero en un vehículo, la probabilidad de estar involucrado en colisiones adicionales aumenta con el tiempo dentro de un automóvil, camión o camioneta.

La buena noticia es que muchos de estos accidentes que se producen se consideran pequeños y, aunque pueden causar daños a los vehículos, no resultan en lesiones a los involucrados. Sin embargo, aunque muchos de ellos son pequeños, muchos otros son graves y pueden dejar a las víctimas alteradas permanentemente después de un accidente con lesiones, daños y sufrimiento emocional que pueden durar días a un curso de la vida. En las peores colisiones, una víctima puede perder su vida y los familiares de las víctimas nunca podrán recuperarse de esa pérdida.

La mayoría de los accidentes de tráfico que se producen en el área metropolitana de Chicago no son en realidad accidentes, sino más bien se debe a un error, o conducta negligente por parte de alguien involucrado. Cuando estas instancias conducen a lesiones, las leyes del estado reconocen que es injusto esperar que las víctimas inocentes paguen por sus propios daños, y por lo tanto las leyes permiten que estas víctimas busquen compensación financiera después de un accidente. Alivio puede ser disponible para cubrir cosas como gastos médicos, dolor y sufrimiento, y la pérdida de salario, pero le corresponde a la víctima tomar las medidas necesarias para obtener esta ayuda si lo quieren. Si un accidente de tráfico ha afectado su vida o herido a su ser querido, puede obtener las respuestas que necesita al hablar con un abogado de lesiones personales en Chicago que se encarga de estos tipos de reclamos.

Poco antes de las 6:00 am del jueves, la Policía del Estado de Illinois fueron alertados de un accidente de tráfico de un solo vehículo en la I-55 cerca de la avenida Western incitando una respuesta en la escena. Las autoridades evaluaron el carro y determinaron que dos personas adentro resultaron heridas en el accidente y estaban en necesidad de tratamiento médico así que esas víctimas fueron transportadas a hospitales en el área. Mientras que los oficiales han confirmado estas lesiones, no han indicado la naturaleza del el daño sostenido aparte de decir que se espera que las dos víctimas vivan.

La policía está haciendo una investigación sobre este incidente para determinar las causas del accidente y si el conductor implicado fue culpable por la colisión. Las autoridades creen que el conductor perdió el control del carro por razones desconocidas, causando que el vehículo choque con una mediana de cemento
mientras viajaba, y causando un accidente que dejó por lo menos dos carriles del I-55 cerrado por una hora. Durante la hora punta esta mañana, las autoridades fueron capaces de retirar el vehículo y volver a abrir todos los carriles de tráfico para los otros viajeros.

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January 21, 2015

DUI Charges Pending in Fatal Lake Shore Drive Car Accident

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12115%283%29.jpgIt is a law that almost all drivers in Illinois know by heart - the presumed blood alcohol content limit that will trigger a driving under the influence charge is .08. But fewer motorists realize that having a blood alcohol content lower than .08 does not mean that a driver is immune from charges. Rather, any amount of alcohol in a motorist's system can be a violation of local and state laws if that alcohol has an intoxicating effect on the driver. Additionally, the rules that apply to certain operators may be stricter than the .08 limit commonly known. Drivers under the legal drinking age of 21 and drivers of school buses are not allowed to have alcohol in their systems and operators of some commercial vehicles may face standards more limiting than those that apply to a typical motorist.

Failing to obey the laws and choosing to drive while drunk can have serious consequences including criminal and/or traffic charges if a driver is apprehended. In addition to these charges, the penalties may become more severe if a drunk driving accident occurs and one or more people involved are injured. A type of action that is separate and distinct from any DUI-related criminal charges may be available to victims who are hurt in collisions and may enable them to obtain financial compensation for their injuries. Possible relief can include payment for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering but the circumstances surrounding your accident may determine the possible recoveries so you may wish to speak with a personal injury lawyer if you have been hurt.

An early Monday morning car accident turned tragic when a female passenger lost her life in Chicago. Now, according to local authorities, alcohol may have played a role and may be the reason that the driver lost control.

The incident occurred shortly before 2:00 a.m. near the 2200 block of North Lake Shore Drive. A 42-year-old man reportedly was driving southbound with a BAC in excess of the .08 limit when he lost control of his vehicle, causing it to leave the road's surface, flip, and land on a frozen lagoon near the Lincoln Park Zoo.

Emergency crews responded to the scene and evaluated the driver and his 37-year-old female passenger. Both were injured and were taken to area hospitals for treatment but unfortunately, the woman's injuries were too severe and she died a short time later. The driver survived the crash in serious condition and remained in the hospital through Tuesday but his current condition is not clear. Now, officials have confirmed that the man is facing charges of aggravated driving under the influence of alcohol resulting in death and driving without a valid license. He is also facing a misdemeanor count of driving under the influence.

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January 8, 2015

Stevenson Expressway Accident Leaves Several Hurt in Chicago

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1815%283%29.jpgA typical idea of a car accident may conjure an image of two vehicles colliding, resulting in some minor damage to the vehicles and causing some anger and frustration among the drivers involved. In fact, car accidents in Chicago can involve any number of vehicles from one to dozens and may only cause property damage or may cause much greater devastation. In 2012, there were 274,111 traffic related collisions in the State of Illinois and more than 60,000 of those caused injuries to at least one person involved. Nearly 900 collisions proved fatal.

With a greater number of vehicles involved in a crash comes a greater potential for victims to result. This is particularly true when a high capacity vehicle is involved, like a van, bus, or other transit vehicle because these vehicles tend to have a large number of passengers who may be hurt. The fallout from these crashes can become complicated and can turn into a "he said, she said" situation as the drivers of the cars blame one another. Police and local officials may attempt to sort out the actions from a criminal standpoint but this can leave victims wondering whether anyone will help them or be on their side. Fortunately, car accident victims in Chicago have express rights that cannot be taken away by a negligent driver. But these victims must affirmatively seek the help they deserve by bringing a civil claim, a type of action that is unique and separate from any traffic or criminal charges brought against a driver and these claims can be brought with the help of a personal injury lawyer.

As rush hour began Thursday morning, three cars were involved in a collision on the Stevenson Expressway in the northbound lanes. At this early state, state troopers who responded to the scene have not yet revealed a suspected cause of the crash or whether any of the drivers involved were at-fault. It is also not clear whether any traffic tickets have been or will be issued as a result of this incident.

Emergency crews were on the scene near Harlem Avenue and they assessed multiple people who were involved. Several victims suffered injuries and had to be transported via ambulance to area hospitals but it is not known what their injuries were or whether anyone was facing life-threatening injuries.

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January 2, 2015

Bono's Bicycle Accident Injuries May Prevent Him from Playing Guitar

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1215%283%29.jpgRegardless of where they occur, bicycle accidents can have tragic and devastating results. A person riding on a bicycle is at a high risk for injuries when a crash happens because there little to nothing between that biker's body and another surface, whether that is concrete, asphalt, or the hood of a car. Cyclist regularly need medical attention following these accidents because injuries are so common and many times, bikers deal with cuts, abrasions, broken bones, impalements, road rash, and injuries to their head and back. While these may be common, they are far from the only damages that can result when a cyclist is injured.

Unfortunately, the frontman for the popular band U2 learned this in November and is still suffering from the consequences today. Bono, known for his rose-tinted glasses, musical acumen, and philanthropic efforts, was riding a bicycle in New York City's Central Park in November when he attempted to avoid another bicyclist, causing a high energy bike accident. Emergency medical personnel responded and transported the singer to New York-Presbyterian Medical Center where he was evaluated for his injuries and assessed by several physicians. Doctors noted serious fracturing of Bono's left upper arm, left shoulder blade, and eye orbit as well as abrasion and other damages and Bono received immediate surgery to repair his fractures and stabilize him, the most serious issue being his shattered arm. That injury alone reportedly required the insertion of three metal plates and 18 screws to stabilize and to return some function to Bono's arm and hand. An additional fracture to Bono's left pinky finger was repaired after the first round of surgeries and is complicating Bono's rehabilitative efforts.

While doctors were able to repair his fractures and bandage his wounds, it now appears clear that the damaging injuries may have a lasting effect. Now, according to Bono, the singer may have permanent damage in his arm that may prevent him from playing the guitar ever again.

Bono released a blog statement on his band's website recently informing his fans that the recovery he has faced has been difficult and that he fears his injuries may permanently affect his ability to play guitar. While Bono does not play often while performing with U2, the frontman does use a guitar in writing music and in playing for fun.

Injuries like those sustained by Bono unfortunately are common when people are involved in bicycle accidents in Chicago and across Illinois. Fractures or broken bones, head and neck injuries, contusions, abrasions, and internal bleeding are some of the injuries likely to result when a rider is involved in a crash, whether that crash involves another cyclist or even a car.

When a car strikes a bicycle, the rider of the bike is almost always injured and often left in need of medical assistance. This can be costly for a victim who did nothing wrong and who suffers due to the actions of a driver, but fortunately, the laws in Chicago are on victims' sides. Those who have been hurt in a bicycle accident in Illinois may be entitled to seek financial compensation for the injuries they incurred as well as other damages experienced due to a crash, including but not limited to lost wages, pain and suffering, and the permanency of injuries.

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December 30, 2014

New Illinois Law Affects All Drivers in 2015

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123014%283%29.jpgChicago has plenty of options when it comes to transit, but one of the most popular modes remains travel by private car. Those who own a vehicle should be aware that a new Illinois law will take effect on January 1, 2015 and will require all motorists to carry more insurance than the 2014 minimums.

For the first time in more than 25 years, the Illinois legislature has increased the mandatory minimum requirements for auto insurance in Illinois. The basic requirements will increase to $25,000/$50,000 - this means that the insurance carried by any driver must guarantee at least $25,000 worth of bodily injury coverage to any one person injured in an accident and a minimum of $50,000 of coverage for all victims of a single collision. Additionally, motorists must have at least $20,000 coverage for any property damage that may result. This is an increase of $5,000 per person injured, $10,000 per accident, and $5,000 for property damage over the 2014 minimums.

When a car accident occurs in Chicago, the financial toll involved often exceeds the current state insurance minimums, which led the Illinois legislature to consider alternatives. While the increase is not drastic and still provides minimum insurance levels below those of several other states, it will provide additional covers for the victims of car accidents who are hurt by the actions of others.

Carrying automobile insurance is a requirement in the State of Illinois and drivers must meet the new minimum standards beginning in 2015. The point of this coverage is to protect victims who did not cause a collision but were injured nonetheless, whether those victims were drivers, passengers, pedestrians, or even cyclists. Compensation can provide coverage for all losses incurred in a crash including medical bills, surgical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. These victims have the right to retain an attorney of their choice and that lawyer may help you understand your legal options if a collision has affected your life.

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December 22, 2014

Two Killed in Fiery SUV Accident in Chicago

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122214%283%29.jpgThe typical image of a car accident might conjure two cars getting into a fender bender and the frustrated drivers that are left behind. In reality, there are thousands of ways that a car crash may occur and they may involve anywhere from one to dozens of vehicles. In Chicago, many people are killed every year in single vehicle car accidents.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported 561 fatalities from single vehicle traffic accidents in 2013 alone. In addition to those victims who lost their lives, many more were injured and the effects of these crashes extend to the families, friends, and loved ones of those involved. When a single car accident takes place, many Chicago victims do not realize that they are still entitled to relief and to help for their damages even if the driver of their vehicle was responsible for the crash. The laws that apply depend on the facts and circumstances surrounding an individual crash so those who have been hurt may want to speak with an injury lawyer to learn about their options.

Early Sunday morning, an SUV in Chicago left the road's surface and struck a pole near the street, causing the vehicle to catch fire and injuring those inside. The incident occurred in the 1200 block of South Clinton Street shortly before 3:00 a.m. and is still under investigation.

Police believe that a male was operating the SUV but there has been no word on what caused the collision. Three males were inside the vehicle and two, a 25-year-old man and a 42-year-old man, were killed in the accident. A third male, aged 26, survived the accident but was critically injured. Emergency crews took that man to an area hospital for treatment of undisclosed injuries and his current status is not clear.

The SUV was on fire when police arrived at the scene and firefighters were able to extinguish the flame after a short battle.

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December 19, 2014

Hit-and-Run Victim Dies of Injuries

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121914%282%29.jpgThe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that 18 percent of all fatal pedestrian traffic accidents involve a hit-and-run driver, or nearly one if five fatal crashes. In Illinois, including Chicago, it is illegal to leave the scene of a crash without being authorized to do so by police except in limited situations, but drivers continue to do so every year regardless of the consequences. Hit-and-run accidents often leave behind victims who are too hurt to call for help, meaning that a fleeing driver is the only chance these victims have of getting the help they need. Fleeing drivers deny victims the ability to get help and for that reason, the laws of the state assess harsh penalties against hit-and-run drivers who are apprehended. Doing so can be a felony and if a victim dies in the accident, the fleeing motorist may face between three and 14 years in prison for his or her actions.

Whether a fleeing driver is caught or not, the victims of these accidents and their family members may be entitled to financial compensation for their injuries, including the medical bills they incur. If a driver is later identified, it is possible that multiple claims may exist and may enable that victim to obtain all the relief he or she deserves. Speaking with a personal injury attorney in Chicago may help you understand your options if a fleeing driver left you hurt or if you suffered.

A collision between a speeding SUV and a pedestrian in Waukeegan on Sunday night initially left the victim critically injured. Now, authorities have confirmed that the victim lost his life due to the injuries he sustained.

The incident happened shortly before midnight near Butrick Street and Tamera Court. A group of pedestrians were walking in the area when witnesses say that a speeding SUV approached the group and struck a 21-year-old man, leaving him critically injured. The victim was taken to Vista Medical Center East for emergency treatment following the accident. Though doctors were able to improve the man's condition, his injuries proved too severe and he died three days after the crash.

The driver of the SUV involved in the accident fled the scene northbound and has not yet been identified or apprehended. Waukeegan police are asking for help from the public and encouraging anyone with information to come forward and report what they know. if the driver is identified, it is possible that the motorist will face multiple charges for the role he or she played in the collision.

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December 16, 2014

Parking Lot Accident in Chicago Leaves Teenage Pedestrian Injured

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121514%283%29.jpgYou may be surprised to learn that nearly 20 percent of all car accidents in the country occur in parking lots, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Many of these accidents occur at low speeds and fortunately do not leave victims seriously injured; however, some crashes are more severe, especially those that involve pedestrians. When an adult or a child is walking through a parking lot and is hit by a car, common injuries can range from broken bones and bruises to injuries to a head or neck or even to death.

When children are involved in car accidents, parents may be confused and troubled about their options to help their child recover. The laws in Illinois and in Chicago enable victims of any age to obtain financial relief for their losses but when the victim is under the age of 18, different options may be available. Parents may have their own claim in addition to the claims of their injured child and relief may be possible to cover expenses including medical bills. But children are also entitled to additional payment to ensure they are compensated for nonmonetary damages like pain and suffering and emotional distress. Speaking with a personal injury attorney in Chicago may help you understand whether your family is entitled to relief, and if so, who may be held legally liable for the harm.

On Saturday afternoon, a 14-year-old girl was walking through a parking lot in the South Austin neighborhood of Chicago when she was struck by an SUV. The incident happened in the 4800 block of West Jackson Boulevard shortly before 4:00 p.m. and prompted a response from local police, who have launched an investigation. Authorities believe the girl may have been bending over or crouching, possibly to tie a shoe, when an SUV approached and collided with the teen. The 45-year-old driver of the SUV was questioned by police and was issued multiple citations for his role in the accident, which left the girl in critical condition.

Emergency crews transported the teen by ambulance to Mount Sinai Hospital for treatment of undisclosed injuries.

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December 11, 2014

Fatal St. Charles Crash involved Driver on Heroin

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121114%283%29.jpg Do you trust other drivers on the road to act with your safety in mind? The prevalence of drunk driving accidents and impaired driving collisions in Chicago and the rest of Illinois suggest that you should not. Impaired drivers operated with limited faculties that make decision-making difficult and make them more likely to be the cause of an accident when they are behind the wheel. This explains why it is a crime in Illinois to drive while drunk and why these actions are treated so seriously by local police officials and state's attorneys.

But the criminal fallout from a drunk driving accident or a drugged driving collision focus on the at-fault motorist; the victim or victims who may be injured in that accident are often left to their own devices to seek the help they deserve. In Chicago, victims can do so by bringing a civil claim for damages against an at-fault driver which may include a drunk or drugged driver. Relief may provide compensation for any damages that a victim incurred including medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and future costs. These claims are complicated and the facts surrounding the accident can determine who may be held liable so it is a good idea for victims to speak with a personal injury lawyer to learn how the laws apply in their unique case. If your loved one was injured or killed, the right to seek relief may pass to you, and a lawyer can help you work through those scenarios as they may apply.

A fatal accident in St. Charles last month took a new turn when the suspected driver allegedly reported to police that he snorted a line of heroin shortly before driving, according to information obtained by the media. If that wasn't enough, police statements indicate that the suspect also admitted to being distracted by his cell phone at the time of the collision and that he consumed marijuana and prescription drugs the night before the incident.

The crash occurred near Route 31 and Timbers Trail last month when the suspect allegedly drifted over a center line and collided with a second vehicle in a head-on crash. The driver of the second vehicle, a 65-year-old woman, died as a result of the injuries she sustained, leading the suspect to face criminal charges for his conduct. Reports have revealed that a urine test of the suspect detected marijuana in addition to amphetamines, barbiturates, cocaine, and prescription drugs in his system. A search of the suspect's vehicle revealed a bag of a substance suspected to be heroin and some unidentified pills.

The suspect did not have a valid driver's license at the time of last month's accident due to a prior conviction of driving under the influence of alcohol

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December 4, 2014

Cause of Fatal Chicago Car Accident Unknown

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120414%283%29.jpgWhat kind of vehicle do you drive, if you choose to drive in Chicago? Is it an older model with limited features but a reliable ride to get you from one place to another? Or is it a newer model with every conceivable safety feature from additional airbags to exterior sensors that detect traffic and adjust the vehicle in response? Regardless of the car you drive, you are still at a risk for being involved in a car accident if you drive in Chicago or anywhere else in the nation. Car accidents take place every day and many of them lead to injuries to the drivers and passengers involved.

Rear-end accidents are more common than many other types of collisions, and fortunately, some of these crashes result only in damage to the cars involved. While it can be distressing to have a damaged car, it is nothing compared to the damage that comes when someone is hurt. Injuries from a collision often range from bruising and soft tissue damage to broken bones to head and neck injuries. In some cases, paralysis may occur or a victim may lose his or her life.

When a car accident happens, numerous officials may be involved in an investigation. Police officers and prosecuting attorneys may review the actions of the drivers involved to determine if a traffic ticket or a criminal charge should be issued. But these officials often work with an at-fault driver and attempt to seek relief for the State of Illinois; rarely do they represent the interests of victims. Instead, Illinois law and the laws of Chicago entitle victims to seek relief outside of any charges that may be issued and this help can be sought through the use of a civil claim for damages. A personal injury lawyer may be able to help you understand your legal options if you have been hurt, including whether you have a valid claim for relief.

Around 2:00 a.m. today, a single-car accident occurred in East Side and left a driver dead, according to local authorities. Officials responded near the 11900 block of South Avenue O and determined that a female driver lost control of her vehicle and left the road's surface, causing the car to strike a fence and then break through the fence. The impact forced the car to roll over and led to the driver's death.

While no conclusions have been made, officials do not believe that any other vehicles were involved at this time and they do not think that any passengers were inside the car prior to the impact.

There has been no word on what caused the driver to lose control or whether any outside forces factored into this collision, prompting officials to investigate multiple scenarios into the crash.

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