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April 27, 2015

Pedestrian Killed by Speeding Car in Chatham

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42815.jpgPedestrians face numerous threats when they walk near a roadway, even if they walk only along sidewalks or in other pedestrian-friendly areas. The facts continue to reveal that when drivers ignore or fail to notice the rights of a person walking nearby, the odds of a pedestrian accident occurring increase substantially, threatening the safety of that pedestrian. And when a collision does happen, it nearly always causes injuries to the walker involved because there is nothing to protect that individual from the impact of a car. Contrast this to a more common rear-end collision where some accidents produce injuries and some do not and it may become apparent how important the issue of pedestrian safety is in the greater Chicago area.

Victims of pedestrian accidents that occur in Illinois may be left with significant medical expenses as a result of their collisions. They may be unable to work for a time while they recover and therefore unable to earn the wages they need to support themselves and their families. Regardless of their injuries, there is almost always some degree of pain and suffering that they are forced to endure. Speaking with a personal injury attorney in Chicago can help these victims realize what relief may be available to them and whether they are entitled to financial compensation through the use of a civil claim for damages.

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April 20, 2015

Nueva pintura por Volvo Anunciado como Salvavidas para los paseos de Noche en bicicleta

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33115.jpgLos ciclistas están presentes en casi todas las áreas de Chicago durante el día y horas de la noche. Andar en bicicleta puede ser un medio eficaz de tránsito en la ciudad y puede permitir que los jinetes eviten el tráfico, la congestión y otros problemas molestos que enfrentan los conductores. Sin embargo, los riesgos asociados con el tránsito de bicicleta no deben ser ignorados, ya que estos jinetes son propensos a estar involucrados en accidentes de bicicleta por todo Chicago, especialmente cuando un automovilista falla en prestar atención o no respeta los derechos de un jinete cercano.

Cuando ocurre un accidente, un ciclista se lesiona en la mayoría de los casos y, a menudo se queda luchando solo por sus derechos. Pero las leyes en Illinois no requieren esto y más bien permiten que cualquier víctima contrate a un abogado elegido por la víctima para solicitar y obtener el alivio que se necesita después de un accidente. Si usted se ha lastimado o si su ser querido ha sufrido un accidente de tráfico, es posible que desee hablar con un abogado de lesiones personales para ayudarlo a hacer realidad sus opciones y para ayudarle a obtener la compensación que se debe para cubrir todos los daños después de la colisión.

Mientras que el alivio puede estar disponible a estas víctimas, la mejor situación se presenta cuando un accidente es evitado o prevenido, significando que nadie sufre de dolor o lesiones. Para hacer esto más una posibilidad, el fabricante de automóviles Volvo ha desarrollado un nuevo producto considerado "LifePaint" para aumentar la visibilidad de las bicicletas, jinetes, y otros que están cerca de las carreteras durante las horas de oscuridad.

LifePaint se describe como un spray invisible que puede cubrir casi cualquier material sin dañarlo. El spray no es visible durante el día, pero cuando tocado por un faro de carro en la oscuridad, el spray hace el objeto que cubre mucho más visible, al igual que lo sería durante el día. Se les dice a los jinetes que pueden cubrir sus bicicletas en el spray y que permanecerá en su lugar durante un máximo de 10 días o hasta que el spray se lave de la superficie. Otras opciones incluyen la aplicación del spray a la ropa, equipo de protección como cascos, e incluso bolsas o mochilas que el ciclista podría estar cargando. El siguiente video fue lanzado por Volvo en respuesta al desarrollo de LifePaint:

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April 13, 2015

Megabus from Chicago Crashes in Indiana, Injures 17

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41315%282%29.jpgResidents of urban areas like Chicago may be more likely than some small-town dwellers to utilize public transportation as they travel and this can mean that those who call a big city home may encounter trains, shuttles, and buses on a daily basis. In Chicago, bus travel is particularly prevalent as CTA, Pace, Greyhound, Megabus, and private bus charters take to the road regularly. Often, mass transportation is safe for passengers and can move them more efficiently than a private car and at a better price.

However, with public transit comes a risk of collisions and a potential threat to the safety of the passengers on board. Bus accidents happen every week in Chicago and some of them may affect the lives of injury victims forever. It can be difficult for these victims to know where to turn for help and for relief when a crash happens or even who may be responsible for their losses; in these cases, speaking with a personal injury lawyer may help a victim understand his or her options and whether a legal claim for help may be possible.

Early this morning, passengers on a Megabus from Chicago to Atlanta were rocked when their bus allegedly struck the rear of a semi-truck, causing a significant collision that also involved two passenger cars. The accident happened on southbound Interstate 65 near Edinburgh, Indiana at approximately 5:30 a.m.

Several passengers on the Megabus as well as several others in the area provided a version of events to the local police officers that responded at the scene. At this time, officials believe that the Megabus failed to slow as it approached a semi-truck and, upon realizing that a crash was going to happen, the Megabus swerved to avoid the impact. However, the front of the bus struck the rear of the truck and caused the truck driver to lose control of the rig which entered another lane of traffic and collided with two passenger cars.

Multiple ambulances and emergency medical technicians arrived on the scene and began to evaluate the injured victims, both on the bus and those who may have been in the other vehicles involved. At this time, as many as 17 people are believed to have been hurt but it is not clear in which vehicles those victims were traveling. Police caution that the investigation into this incident is still ongoing and that no final conclusions as to the cause of the crash or any fault of any drivers has been determined. The outcome of that investigation may determine whether any traffic citations will be issued.

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April 12, 2015

At Least 5 Cars Involved in Gurnee Car Accident

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41215.jpgTravel by motor vehicle is the primary means of transit across America and for the majority of those that call this country home. It is a convenient means to get from one place to another with few hassles and with few delays - simply pick the time you wish to leave, follow your own plan, and you can make it to your destination. The convenience of car travel is why so many people utilize it even though the risks associated with it are high. Millions of car accidents happen every year and they were the number one cause of death for people ages three through 34 based on the most recent data. Though fatality rates have decreased as innovations in safety have emerged, many people continue to lose their lives annually and some of those victims previously called the Chicago area home.

These car accidents affect countless individuals when all is said and done. From the victims involved in the impact itself to the family members of those victims to friends and coworkers, the devastation can be immeasurable. While nothing can remove these losses, those who have been affected by a crash may be entitled to seek financial compensation for their losses when the accidents happens in Illinois. Victims can seek relief for losses including medical expenses and pain and suffering. In the event that a victim loses his or her life, the right to seek relief may belong to that victim's surviving family members though no amount of compensation can ever be considered adequate in those cases. The legal issues surrounding these cases can be complicated so victims or others who have been affected may want to speak with a personal injury lawyer to verify the options available to them.

Several drivers were involved in a multi-vehicle accident in Gurnee on Friday morning and police are still sorting out all the facts that led to the impact. The crash happened near the intersection of Grand and Gurnee Mills Circle East shortly after 10:00 a.m. and began with a collision between two cars. That first crash reportedly pushed one of the vehicles into oncoming traffic where it collided with another three cars, making five vehicles in total that were involved.

Six victims were confirmed among the six vehicles and all were taken to area hospitals by ambulances. At this time, the conditions of the victims are unknown but all were expected to survive.

As police continue their investigation, they are reviewing information from all relevant witnesses in an attempt to determine whether any driver acted negligently or recklessly prior to the impact. If a determination of negligence is made, traffic tickets and/or criminal charges may be issued.

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April 5, 2015

Semi-Truck Accident Turns Fatal on I-55

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4515%282%29.jpgHundreds of different size and types of trucks travel on the roads near and in Chicago every day. From small trucks used for local hauls to large semi-trucks with one or more trailers traveling across the country, these vehicles are no rarity along Illinois roads. Despite their prevalence, most motorists know little about trucking law or how a truck can affect their personal safety. Studies show that large, commercial trucks are involved in fewer collisions per mile driven than are passenger cars but when a truck accident does occur, the results often are much more devastating. Both those inside the truck and those in any other vehicle involved in a crash, like a passenger car, are at risk for sustaining injuries or even for losing their lives as the forces involved in truck accidents tend to be significant and tend to cause mayhem.

Victims who are hurt in a trucking accident in Chicago are protected by numerous state and local laws, some of which entitle those victims to seek financial compensation for their injuries. From medical expenses to rehabilitative care to lost wages, these damages can compound quickly and can leave a victim unable to obtain the help he or she needs unless that victim seeks legal relief. While local police or the State of Illinois may seek to bring charges against an at-fault driver in a truck crash, those charges are not the same as the relief a victim may seek personally and any judgments obtained by the State of Illinois are unlikely to benefit a victim directly. Rather, victims must bring their own claims and speaking with a personal injury attorney can help you understand your rights and options if you have been hurt in a crash.

State police have reported a truck accident that occurred on Friday afternoon and that claimed the life of a middle-aged man. Reports indicate that a 51-year-old male was driving a car on I-55 in DuPage County near County Line Road before 4:00 p.m. when he came upon a stopped semi-truck on the right shoulder. Officials believe that the driver of the car lost control of his vehicle and struck the rear of the truck, trapping the car underneath the rear portion of the truck's trailer. It is not clear whether the semi-truck was completely off the road or whether a portion of the vehicle was still within a lane of through traffic.

The driver of the car was unable to escape following the impact and his vehicle caught fire, leading to the man's death. The truck driver was not believed to have been injured and it is not clear why that individual, a 41-year-old, stopped the vehicle on the side of I-55 or whether the trucker saw the car before the impact happened. Police are still reviewing all relevant facts at this time.

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March 27, 2015

Multiple Car Accidents across Chicago Area Blamed on Winter Weather

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32715.jpgWith April just around the corner, many who live in Chicago are lamenting the late winter storm that hit the area recently and brought with it snow and cold temperatures. Many in the city are anticipating warm weather and all that accompanies it but instead must put up with this most recent, and potentially, last winter weather front and the hazards it has created on area roads. From icy conditions to decreased visibility, the weather partially has been to blame for numerous winter weather car accidents across the Chicago area recently and may continue to contribute to them over the next day or two.

Some people believe that winter weather is bad luck and that any accident involving poor conditions is nothing more than that - an accident. Because of this common belief, some victims of these collisions are unaware that they may be entitled to seek financial compensation for their injuries and their suffering and that their family members may also be entitled to help. If you have been involved in a crash, it is important to understand how the laws may impact your claim so you may want to speak with a personal injury lawyer to clarify the relief that may be available to you.

This morning's commute was full of dangerous conditions on the roadways for many of those who travel by car. Officials around Chicago and in many of the surrounding suburbs confirmed that icy conditions led to numerous collisions, some of which resulted in injuries.

Bedford Park experienced a pile-up involving between 10 and 15 cars on Harlem Avenue between 63rd Street and 71st street. Icy weather is believed to have started that crash though speed and other factors likely played a role as well. The collision started around 6:00 a.m. and prompted local officials to close parts of the road to traffic though the area was reopened prior to the end of rush hour.

Multiple accidents were also reported on Route 53 that were blamed on the weather and in suburban Wheaton in DuPage County. The City of Lombard confirmed a 10 car collision near the intersection of Highland and Butterfield Roads while Villa Park confirmed at least 11 separate accidents.

As Chicago has already had a few bouts of spring-like weather, this most recent storm caught many off guard and made many people revert to their winter coats and snow shovels. This made the storm a bigger threat as it was less anticipated than those that hit Chicago in December and January and also, in many cases, less welcomed.

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March 24, 2015

Cámaras de luz roja en Chicago Serán Removidas de Intersecciones Limitados

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3915.jpgRecientemente, Chicago ha sido conocido por tener un sistema de cámaras de luz roja más grande en la nación, alineando sus calles, un hecho que ha sido lamentada por muchos que conducen alrededor de la ciudad o que usan taxis para el tránsito. Con el aumento de la presencia de cámaras de luz roja han llegado algunas actividades de manejo peligrosas como los motoristas que pisan los frenos para evitar la posibilidad de una multa; mientras que pisando los frenos podría sonar como un movimiento seguro, en muchos casos, puede causar que un conductor detrás del primer vehículo choque el extremo posterior de ese carro, causando una colisión que resulta en daños monetarios a todos los involucrados e incluso puede causar lesiones físicas a algunas víctimas.

Públicamente, algunos oficiales de la ciudad de alto rango han afirmado que la inclusión de las cámaras de luz roja en las intersecciones del área ha sido para mantener a los conductores responsables por sus acciones. La teoría es que si una cámara está presente y captura a un conductor pasándose una luz roja, ese motorista puede ser castigado y se espera que el castigo impedirá que el conductor y otros participen en esa actividad en el futuro. Sin embargo, con el acortamiento de las luces amarillas en muchas intersecciones de cámara y con la congestión de tráfico pesado en Chicago, colisiones causadas en parte por la presencia de estas cámaras siguen ocurriendo.

El alcalde Rahm Emanuel ha tomado medidas en respuesta a unas vistas negativas sobre estas cámaras al remover algunos de las intersecciones con pocos o ningún colisiones en el año anterior. La semana pasada, la ciudad anunció que otros 50 cámaras serán removidos de 25 intersecciones en los próximos meses y hasta que se puedan remover, serán desactivadas para evitar que los motoristas reciban multas de luz roja automáticas. Cuando estas cámaras
se hayan removido, Chicago tendrá 302 cámaras en toda la ciudad en 149 intersecciones diferentes. Aunque estos números todavía están altos en comparación con otras ciudades, ellos representan una reducción de 20 por ciento en el número de cámaras cuando se compara con la altura del uso de la cámara por la policía local en Chicago.

Además de las alteraciones a las ubicaciones actuales de las cámaras, la ciudad de Chicago también está tomando medidas para advertirles a los conductores de los cambios inminentes de la luz al instalar “cuentas” de luz adicionales - dispositivos que literalmente advierte a un conductor del número de segundos hasta que una luz cambia de verde a amarillo. La ciudad alega que estos dispositivos de cuenta evitarán posibles colisiones traseras mientras que simultáneamente advirtiéndole a los conductores de su obligación de detenerse en una luz roja. También se cree que estos dispositivos agregarán legitimidad a cualquier multa de luz roja que se emitan ya que los conductores que corren estas luces rojas recibirán advertencia adicional del carácter de la luz antes de entrar en una intersección.

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March 20, 2015

Driver Hit Outside of Vehicle on I-55

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32015%282%29.jpgThe events that proceed a car accident in the Chicago area may not be foreseen by a driver before they happen. Often, things can seem normal as a motorist travels down the road or an expressway and nothing may be of concern. Yet in a moment, all that can change if a mechanical failure, a tire blowout, or another event occurs that makes a vehicle unsafe and that may lead to a collision or other incident, threatening the security of the driver of the car and the passengers that may be riding as well.

Car accidents are no laughing matter and nearly 300,000 of them occur in a typical year in Illinois. Tens of thousands of those incidents result in injuries to at least one person involved and hundreds prove to be fatal. Hundreds of factors may lead to or contribute to an accident and in some cases, those involved may not realize fully all that caused a crash. When in doubt, speaking with a personal injury lawyer may help you understand the contributing factors of your collision and whether you are entitled to financial compensation if you have been hurt. In a typical case, victims can recover for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and future damages that result from a Chicago-area car accident.

The Illinois State Police Department was alerted to an unusual incident involving a car accident on I-55 near the King Drive exit yesterday at approximately 1:00 p.m. They have confirmed that a man was operating a passenger car in the area when the vehicle caught fire for reasons that are not clear. The man stopped his vehicle on the side of the expressway and exited the burning car to avoid injuries but unfortunately, another vehicle in the area collided with the man when he was out of his vehicle.

The impact left the drive with significant injuries and required him to be taken to an area hospital by ambulance. At this time, police are unsure who was driving the second vehicle as that driver fled the scene, contrary to and in violation of state law. Anyone with information about the fleeing second driver is asked to contact the State Police.

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March 18, 2015

Death Toll on Illinois Roads Already High in 2015

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31815.jpgWhat are the odds that you will be involved in a car accident while in Chicago or elsewhere in Illinois? If you are like the typical driver or passenger, you may believe the odds are low and that you are relatively safe while traveling the expressways, interstates, and streets of the Chicago area and while navigating the city itself. However, statistically, an American motorist will be involved in 2-3 car accidents during his or her lifetime and there are indications that those who reside in densely populated areas will be involved in more. By all definitions, Chicago is densely populated and even those who reside in the suburban areas surrounding the city often must deal with city traffic, placing them at an increased risk for a collision.

Fortunately many of these crashes are minor and will result only in damage to the vehicles involved. It may be described as a "fender-bender" that lets the motorists drive away from the scene and only inconveniences them with the damage done to their cars. In other cases, the damage may be extreme and a vehicle may be totaled, leaving a driver to walk away from the crash but to wonder how he or she was lucky enough to avoid an injury.

In the worst instances, at least one person involved in a crash is injured or is killed due to the accident and either that victim or the victim's surviving family members are left to pick up the pieces of their lives following the collision. Though nothing can erase the harm done by these accidents, those who are affected may be able to seek financial compensation for their damages that can enable them to obtain payment for losses like medical expenses and pain and suffering. Speaking with a personal injury attorney about the possibility of a wrongful death claim or an injury claim can help you understand your options if a collision has affected you or someone you love.

So far in 2015, the Illinois Department of Transportation has confirmed that 141 fatalities have occurred on Illinois roads. With the year less than 25 percent over, that number should raise an alarm in the minds of drivers because it is relatively high and it represents an additional 14 fatalities when compared to this time last year. The 2015 fatalities happened in 127 different car accidents meaning that some collisions were dire enough to cause the deaths of more than one victim.

These fatal accidents were caused by a number of factors and some remain unclear at this time. Typical accidents that lead to wrongful death claims can be caused by drunk or impaired drivers, motorists on their cell phones or who are otherwise distracted, drivers who travel too fast for conditions, mechanical failures, and even inclement weather. An analysis of a collision may reveal that multiple factors - not one single action - caused a crash and may reveal that more than a single driver bears some responsibility.

As long as motorists continue to operate their personal vehicles, accidents likely will occur in the Chicago area and unfortunately, drivers and pedestrians will be injured and killed. When an incident affects your family's lives and their personal safety, make sure you understand your legal options and whether you are entitled to obtain compensation for your damages.

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March 13, 2015

El Tiempo Crea Conmuta de Conducción Peligrosa en Chicago

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3315.jpgEl tiempo en Chicago puede ser impredecible. En ciertos años, Marzo llega y marca el comienzo de los períodos de tiempos calientes junto con el sol y los pájaros cantando. Este año, cuando los residentes de Chicago cambiaron sus calendarios a marzo, se encontraron con temperaturas frías y amargas, y, hoy, el clima invernal está plagando las autopistas en el área y caminos de superficie, amenazando la seguridad de los que conmuten en carro, camión o camioneta.

Cuando se produce el tiempo, los accidentes de carro y colisiones de clima invernal son más propensos de ocurrir porque las condiciones de las carreteras pueden ser menos que ideal. Hielo, nieve, y aguanieve pueden cubrir las calles y causar que los conductores pierdan el control de sus vehículos conduciendo a una colisión que involucra a uno o docenas de carros. La opinión común sugiere que el clima causa que estos accidentes sucedan, la verdad es que el clima generalmente se combina con uno o más de otros factores para aumentar la probabilidad de un accidente, pero no ser el único factor en su creación.

Las leyes en Illinois y en la ciudad de Chicago reconocen la gravedad de los accidentes de tráfico y tratan de sostener a los conductores responsables de sus acciones y las consecuencias resultantes. Para hacer esto, las víctimas tienen el derecho de buscar compensación financiera por sus pérdidas y su sufrimiento en contra de un conductor culpable o compañía de seguro y pueden recibir pago monetario para cubrir gastos como facturas médicas. Si usted ha estado involucrado en un accidente de carro en Chicago, usted puede aprender más acerca de sus opciones hablando con un abogado de lesiones personales.

La policía en Illinois emitió advertencias esta mañana sobre las condiciones de la carretera en el área metropolitana de Chicago. Precipitación reciente condujo a carreteras heladas y condiciones resbalosas que se extendió más allá de Chicago a otras áreas del estado. Temprano esta mañana, colisiones múltiples a lo largo del I-57 entre Manteno y Chebanse causaron que las autoridades cerraran el autopista temporalmente mientras los restos de los accidentes fueron limpiados y removidos y las condiciones a lo largo de la carretera comenzaron a mejorar.

Una advertencia de clima invernal permanece vigente en el área de Chicago en este momento y ha escatimado colisiones graves hasta el momento. Se han reportado múltiple giros y
choques menores han ocurrido pero a partir de la madrugada del martes, no había colisiones críticos o lesiones devastadoras que estaban siendo atribuidos a las condiciones heladas.

A los conductores que están conduciendo esta mañana se les anima a que tomen más tiempo para llegar a su destino y que estén preparados para las condiciones resbalosas, heladas en las carreteras.

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March 12, 2015

Un Peatón Crítico Después de un Accidente de Golpear-y Correr en Chicago

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22515%282%29.jpgLos peatones son una parte de Chicago y son comunes como la vista de taxis, trenes, y los autobuses de la ciudad. Sin embargo, a pesar del hecho de que los peatones están en las calles los 365 días del año, sus derechos de caminar a menudo son ignorados o subestimados por otros tipos de individuos, incluidos los conductores. Las leyes que se aplican a los conductores del área de Chicago y los peatones están claras y establecen quien posee el derecho de paso y en qué momento. Si todo el mundo en un área obedeciera todas las reglas en todo momento, las probabilidades son que un accidente de peatones nunca se materializaría. Sin embargo, en el ajetreado mundo de hoy, colisiones siguen ocurriendo entre estos grupos de viajeros y en casi todas las situaciones, los peatones se quedan soportando el daño físico de un choque.

Después de que ocurre un accidente, una víctima que sufre lesiones no puede borrar mágicamente todo el sufrimiento que él o ella soporta. Esa víctima no puede revertir el tiempo o deshacer la conducta negligente que condujo a un accidente. Sin embargo, la víctima puede ser capaz de seguir adelante del incidente sin más sufrimiento o daño adicional si ella decide buscar compensación financiera a través del uso de una demanda civil por daños y perjuicios. Este tipo de alivio está disponible en muchos de los accidentes pedestres que pasan en Chicago y pueden proveer el pago por las pérdidas como gastos médicos y salarios perdidos. Si usted tiene algunas preguntas, usted puede obtener las respuestas que necesita al hablar con un abogado de lesiones personales acerca de la ley y su impacto en sus derechos personales.

Policías de Chicago fueron llamados a la escena de un accidente de golpear y correr en la ciudad el martes y al llegar, confirmaron que el conductor sospechoso involucrado golpeó a un peatón. El incidente ocurrió cerca de la cuadra 3400 de North Harlem Avenue poco antes de las 6:30 pm cuando un sedán de cuatro puertas se acercó a un peatón de edad mediana y golpeó a la mujer. Los equipos de emergencia también respondieron al incidente y evaluaron a la víctima por lesiones. Después de una evaluación inicial la mujer fue trasladada a un hospital del área por más tratamiento en donde sus heridas se consideran críticos.

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March 10, 2015

Abogados de Accidentes de Carro en Chicago Resuelven un Caso por $150,000

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3415.jpgLos abogados de lesiones personales en Abels y Annes, P.C., creen en luchar por cada uno de los clientes que representan y siempre persiguen el mejor resultado posible en cada caso que manejan. A diferencia de algunas empresas, nuestros abogados sólo representan reclamos en nombre de los que han sido heridos por las acciones de otros-nunca representamos a las compañías de seguros y ponemos los derechos de las víctimas primero.

A través de nuestros esfuerzos como abogados de accidentes de carros en el área metropolitana de Chicago, el personal en Abels y Annes, P.C., recientemente aseguraron un arreglo de $150,000 en nombre de uno de nuestros clientes.

Nuestro cliente estaba conduciendo su carro en Chicago cuando otro vehículo se le acercó por detrás. El conductor del segundo vehículo fallo en desacelerar o detenerse y en vez le choco por detrás a nuestro cliente, creando un choque que tiro a nuestro cliente
hacia adelante en su asiento y la dejó con varias lesiones.

El accidente causó que nuestro cliente sintiera un "pop" en su espalda y la hizo recibir tratamiento médico de emergencia en un hospital en el área. Ella requiero tratamiento de seguimiento para tratar el dolor de espalda y, eventualmente fue diagnosticada con hernia discal en la columna lumbar.

En este caso, nuestro cliente estaba operando su vehículo de manera legal y seguro, pero debido a la acción de otro conductor, ella estuvo involucrada en un choque que la dejó lesionada. Ella se vio obligada a soportar el dolor y el sufrimiento e incurrir gastos médicos a causa de esta colisión y a pesar del hecho de que ella no tuvo la culpa por el accidente. Cuando nuestro cliente contactó a Abels y Annes, P.C., nuestro equipo de abogados la ayudó a buscar alivio contra el conductor culpable y la compañía de seguros de automóviles de ese conductor para que nuestro cliente podría obtener la ayuda financiera que se merece.

El estado de Illinois experimenta casi 300,000 accidentes de tráfico cada año y muchas de esas colisiones involucran una combinación de conductores que erran detrás del volante y las víctimas inocentes. Las víctimas pueden ser encontradas en vehículos separados de un conductor culpable, en el vehículo del conductor culpable como pasajero, o incluso fuera del vehículo si la víctima es un peatón, ciclista, o si estaba montando una motocicleta. A pesar de la posición de la víctima, él o ella pueden tener derecho a una compensación económica por las pérdidas que incluyen gastos médicos, salarios perdidos, y el dolor y sufrimiento si la víctima decide presentar una demanda civil por alivio.

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