Staying Safe After an Illinois Car Accident

After a Chicago car accident, parties usually exchange information so that everyone is on the same page and insurance and other claims can be filed. Some people assume, however, that just because the accident is over, that the danger associated with being on the road is over. Before exchanging information, it is crucial that you and the other party or parties involved in your accident move your vehicles and yourselves to a different location, assuming this is possible. Otherwise, you may be at risk of getting hit by a passing car.

According to a local news report, a three-car accident left four people injured, including two children. A Mazda SUV was traveling south when it struck a Cadillac sedan, authorities reported. The Cadillac then crashed into a Ford, which was carrying two children, ages one and three. Both children were transported to the hospital, with one in fair to serious condition and the other in serious to critical condition. Following the initial accident, two adults were standing near the Cadillac exchanging information when they were struck by the Mazda. Both adults were transported to a local hospital, with one in fair to serious condition and the other in serious to critical condition. The accident remains under investigation.

Following an accident, once the dust settles and the initial shock wears off, it is crucial that you remain vigilant. The first thing that you should do if your accident is obstructing the road, is to see if you can get out of the path of active traffic. Although there are a number of things that drivers should do following an accident, safety is still number one. You can get the other party or parties’ insurance and contact information after you are safely out of the way.

Once the road is clear or you are able to safely collect information, documentation, and other evidence from the accident, you should still look both ways and check your surroundings before doing so. While taking photos, collecting information, or calling for law enforcement, it is crucial that you ensure that you aren’t standing somewhere where a passing vehicle could crash directly into you or sideswipe you and cause further injury.

If your accident took place on a busy freeway, it can be even trickier to be safe, especially at night. The best thing to do is to create distance between yourself and the accident as soon as it is safe to do so. Calling law enforcement so that police can come and take a report, but also signal their lights to passing drivers that an accident has taken place and they should slow down could save your life.

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