Pregnant Pedestrian Hit By Car While Being Chased By Bear

A 26 year old woman who was 6 months pregnant was hit by a car while fleeing from a bear in Colorado Springs, CO on Thursday, according to the Denver Post. The woman had gone for a lunch hour walk on a hiking trail when she crossed paths with a bear that was about 4 feet tall.

The woman started to quietly walk away, but when she saw the bear was coming towards her, she panicked and started running. The bear ran after her for around 20 seconds until the woman reached a road.

When she was in the street she was hit by a slow moving car. The driver then fled the scene without stopping to help. The pedestrian’s injuries were reportedly minor, and she was taken to an area hospital.

Wildlife officers soon located and euthanized the bear. The mother-to-be said she now plans on giving her child the middle name of “bear”.

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