Safety Efforts Credited with Lowering Collisions involving Bicyclists, Pedestrians in Naperville

Collisions between cars and pedestrians or bicyclists are a problem in every city in Illinois. While crashes are possible anywhere, the greater the level of traffic, the more likely a collision to result. Chicago typically has issues with these crashes every year as do many of the suburban communities whether you go north, west, or south.

Recently, Naperville has taken several steps to increase the safety of cyclists and pedestrians within its borders by lowering common risks that may lead to collisions. And so far, data shows that these steps are paying off as both pedestrian crashes and bicycle accidents are becoming less frequent, causing fewer injuries and leading to less devastating financial consequences.

Officials in the area have confirmed that there were 59 collisions between a car and a pedestrian or bicyclist in 2010 alone. Yet last year, that number had decreased to 36 collisions, a significant drop of nearly 40 percent. Naperville is crediting several steps in leading to this positive shift including the addition of bicycle lanes on city streets and the addition of walking paths and sidewalks in several areas. By creating designated areas for cars, bicycles, and pedestrians to travel, officials hope that each group will be able to move around without being threatened by the actions of another type of traveler. Ideally, this will enable everyone to share the roadways while promoting safety and caution above all else.

While the reduction in collisions is a step in the right direction, crashes continue to happen in Naperville and other areas of Illinois every year, leaving injured victims behind to pick up the pieces and move forward following the crash. These victims may not know their legal options and whether they are entitled to relief for their damages which is why speaking with a personal injury attorney can prove helpful.

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