Car Turns Left in front of Motorcycle, Critically Injures Rider in Lake County

When a motorcycle accident happens in the Chicago area, public perception often places the blame on the biker without even knowing the details of the crash. But thinking like this is unfair to those who ride and often very misguided as a large number of bike crashes happen due to the actions of another person, whether that person drives a car, operates a truck, or is even on a bicycle.

The truth remains that it is legal for bikers to ride on the streets of Chicago and that they possess the same rights as all other drivers. Yet far too often, the rights of these bikers are ignored by others and motorcyclists find themselves in threatening situations that need not happen. If others simply acknowledged the rights of bikers, looked for motorcycles on the roads and at intersections, and yielded the right-of-way where appropriate, a significant number of crashes would be eliminated every year.

Until all motorcycle crashes are eliminated, though, accidents will keep happening and many will lead to injuries or even death to those involved. From medical expenses to wages missed while unable to work, to scarring and pain and suffering, the financial toll of these crashes cannot be overstated as a number of them are nothing short of devastating. While there is nothing that can erase the harm done once a crash happens, victims may be able to move forward if they choose to bring a personal injury action for their damages. These claims are the right of victims and/or their family members to bring and cannot be prevented by an at-fault driver or an insurance company. Speaking with a lawyer who handles motorcycle crashes and other injury actions in Chicago is a good first step to learning about your rights and options if a collision has altered your life.

Shortly before 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, police in Ingleside in Lake County confirmed that a crash happened between a motorcycle and a Jeep and they believe that the Jeep was at-fault for the collision. At this time, officials believe that a biker was riding near Route 59 and North Wilson Road, attempting to go straight through the intersection with the right-of-way. Allegedly, a Jeep operating in the opposite direction approached the intersection and attempted a left hand turn when the motorcycle was oncoming. The Jeep reportedly turned into the path of the biker, causing the bike to strike the Jeep and sending the rider off the motorcycle.

Emergency crews responded to the scene and transported the motorcyclist to an area hospital with critical injuries. The biker’s condition is not known at this time. The driver of the Jeep also was injured and was taken to a hospital but is expected to recover.

An investigation into the incident will determine whether any citations will be issued as a result of this incident.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident or if your loved one was injured or killed, you know that they can cause harm that extends far beyond the time of the crash. Injuries may take months, weeks, or years to heal and some will remain with a rider for the rest of that rider’s life.

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