Pedestrian Killed by Speeding Car in Chatham

Pedestrians face numerous threats when they walk near a roadway, even if they walk only along sidewalks or in other pedestrian-friendly areas. The facts continue to reveal that when drivers ignore or fail to notice the rights of a person walking nearby, the odds of a pedestrian accident occurring increase substantially, threatening the safety of that pedestrian. And when a collision does happen, it nearly always causes injuries to the walker involved because there is nothing to protect that individual from the impact of a car. Contrast this to a more common rear-end collision where some accidents produce injuries and some do not and it may become apparent how important the issue of pedestrian safety is in the greater Chicago area.

Victims of pedestrian accidents that occur in Illinois may be left with significant medical expenses as a result of their collisions. They may be unable to work for a time while they recover and therefore unable to earn the wages they need to support themselves and their families. Regardless of their injuries, there is almost always some degree of pain and suffering that they are forced to endure. Speaking with a personal injury attorney in Chicago can help these victims realize what relief may be available to them and whether they are entitled to financial compensation through the use of a civil claim for damages.

Around 10:00 p.m. on Sunday, a female pedestrian was crossing near the southbound ramp of the Dan Ryan Expressway in Chatham when a vehicle exited the Expressway allegedly at a high rate of speed. The vehicle struck the woman with its hood, causing the woman to go through the windshield before being either dragged by or thrown off the car and landing on the ground. Witnesses ran to the woman’s aid and attempted to help her but her injuries were too severe and she died as a result of the crash.

Those same witnesses said the vehicle was speeding as it exited the Expressway. The car, driven by a male and with a female front seat passenger, was heavily damaged in the incident and both occupants were hurt, necessitating their treatment at area hospitals. Both are expected to survive and citations against the driver are anticipated.

Unfortunately, in this incident, like many pedestrian collisions in Chicago, there was nothing the victim could have done to avoid the impact. She was unfortunate to be crossing at a time when an allegedly speeding vehicle entered the area and struck her, causing her fatal injuries.



When a loved one is killed in any type of traffic accident, nothing can undue that loss or provide adequate compensation for the person’s death, but the surviving family members of these victims may still be able to obtain relief to help them move forward after such a tragedy. The personal injury attorneys at Abels & Annes, P.C. have the experience necessary to help the family members of traffic victims, including pedestrian victims, and we are ready to go to fight for your and your loved ones.

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