2 Dead, Several Hurt in Bridgeview Car Accident

The year 2015 is only a fraction of the way over and already there have been tens of thousands of car accidents in the State of Illinois. Many of those collisions are located in highly populated areas including Chicago and a large number of the crashes caused damage beyond that sustained by the vehicles involved. Most often, these damages take the form of physical injuries sustained by the drivers and occupants inside vehicles. In some cases, those outside of a car, including pedestrians or bicyclists, may be injured as well. Regardless, when victims are hurt, the impact of a car accident stretches long after the day of the collision itself.

Victims who are hurt by the actions of another, including the actions of a negligent driver, may be entitled to financial compensation for their sufferings when these accidents happen in Chicago. A claim for relief may be possible and may enable a victim to obtain payment for expenses ranging from medical bills to lost wages and even pain and suffering. These claims are separate and distinct from any traffic tickets or criminal charges that a negligent driver may face and these claims are designed to provide payment directly to those who need it – the injured victims. When questions arise following a car accident in Chicago, speaking with a personal injury attorney in the area may provide answers to your questions if you have been hurt.

Sunday afternoon saw a serious car accident between two vehicles in Bridgeview. The incident occurred shortly after 5:00 p.m. near the 9700 block of South Harlem Avenue but police have not yet confirmed what led to the impact. According to reports, two vehicles collided in a violent crash and the impact caused at least one of those cars to spin out to the far side of Harlem Avenue. Two people inside the cars, an 80-year-old man and an 85-year-old woman, were killed in the accident. It is not clear whether they were in the same vehicle or in different cars. In addition to the victims who lost their lives, several other people were hurt and were transported by ambulance to local hospitals for treatment.

The investigation into this accident is ongoing at this time and authorities are trying to determine why the two cars collided. The outcome of the investigation may determine whether anyone involved will be cited in the crash.



Car accidents in Chicago affect drivers, passengers, and others on the roadways. But they also affect the family, friends, and coworkers of those involved in these collisions. If you are one of the thousands of victims who have been injured in a car accident in Illinois this year, know that you have legal rights that may entitle you to financial compensation for your losses should you choose to seek relief.

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