Weekend Accidents on I-55 Close Southbound Lanes

This weekend brought a significant storm to the Chicago area but unlike some earlier in the season, snow was not the biggest threat. While some new snow accumulated on area roads and expressways, the biggest threat to those that were driving was decreased visibility due to blowing snow and gusty winds. Reports across Illinois indicated “white-out” conditions in many areas and is now being blamed for a number of chain reaction accidents both in and around Chicago.

Chain reaction collisions can start for a number of reasons but poor driving conditions are one of them. Yet despite the conditions, the weather rarely is the sole reason that a car accident happens and more often combines with a mistake or error on the part of a driver. In those cases, an at-fault driver may be held responsible for the damages that result including any injuries sustained by victims. These victims can seek financial compensation for their injuries through the use of a civil claim for damages and speaking with a personal injury lawyer can help you evaluate your options for relief if a crash has affected your life.

Officials are still trying to determine which chain reaction accidents, if any, were related on I-55 near Gardner this Saturday morning because the poor weather lead to so many collisions. Around 11:00 a.m., several accidents happened near mile post 227 and multiple vehicles were involved. Officials are determining whether it was one chain reaction crash or whether several separate incidents occurred in a relatively short time span. Additionally, a significant crash happened on I-80 near mile post 111 at Morris that resulted in lane closures for eastbound traffic.

Police were on the scene for the I-55 collisions and the I-80 crash and noted white-out conditions in both areas. There were reports of some snow on the road but at this time, officials do not believe that the new snow was the primary cause; rather, decreased visibility due to gusting winds is being cited as a contributing cause to all crashes at this time.

Despite the apparent role the weather played this weekend, authorities are still reviewing the actions of all drivers involved to determine whether any errors or mistakes in judgment played a role. After their investigations are finalized, it will be determined whether anyone involved will be cited for their actions in causing the crashes.

When a collision occurs and poor weather plays a part, it can make it more difficult for a victim to understand what legal relief may be available and whether they are entitled to financial compensation. In most cases, poor weather does not eliminate the right of a victim to seek relief and with the assistance of a personal injury lawyer, that victim may be able to obtain needed monetary compensation for any injuries that result.

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