National School Bus Safety Week Encourages Parents to Discuss Bus Safety with Kids

The third week in October every year is designated as National School Bus Safety Week, a time for parents, teachers, bus drivers, bus companies, community members, and others to be reminded of the dangers associated with bus transit and some of the basic safety procedures to follow to ensure all riders remain safe.

Nationally, thousands of districts are believed to participate in National School Bus Safety Week by implementing their own activities, whether they occur in the classroom or on the bus. The basic idea is that by reminding young students, their parents, and other drivers about school bus safety procedures, more people will put safety first and fewer accidents will result.

This year, school districts are being encouraged to remind students to be alert and be aware while at a bus stop and to remind others to do the same. This includes staying out of the “danger zone,” an area that is 10 feet around the bus and where a bus driver cannot see a student. To make sure they are not in the danger zone, students are encouraged to stay five giant steps away from the curb or the bus at all times until the bus comes to a stop and the student is able to board.

Other reminders are that students should always cross in front of the bus and never behind it and that if something falls underneath the bus, the student should always tell the bus driver and never try to retrieve it him or herself.

Even if you do not have school-aged children who ride a bus, National School Bus Safety Week can still apply to you. Many state and local laws govern school bus traffic procedures and how other drivers must act when near an operating bus. For example, drivers should remember that many buses stop and yield at railroad tracks to confirm no rail traffic is present before crossing. Also, in many areas, cars are not permitted to pass a school bus that has stopped to pick up students, Failing to heed these rules can result in a traffic citation, or worse, an accident with a child.



If your child has been injured in an accident with a school bus or while waiting to board a bus, your child and your family may have a valid claim for your damages against the responsible party, whether that is the school bus driver, the school bus company, another driver on the road, or the school district. These cases can be difficult and complicated to understand exactly what happened and who caused your child’s injuries, which means that speaking with a personal injury attorney can be very beneficial.

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