Five Vehicle Crash in Chicago Hurts 11

Studies routinely show that a majority of American drivers – over 80 percent – consider themselves to be better than average while behind the wheel, less dangerous, and less likely to be involved in an accident than others. Yet even if the perceptions of these drivers were correct, the safest motorist in the world can still be involved in a crash if another on the road is acting in a negligent manner.

Failing to obey traffic laws, driving while distracted, and failing to check for traffic are some main reasons that car accidents occur in Chicago. Lawyers in the city are used to hearing from drivers every year who did nothing wrong but were injured nonetheless, becoming a victim of another’s negligence.

When a motor vehicle accident leaves one or more people injured, those individuals may be able to bring a civil claim for their damages against the person or entity who caused the crash. Most often, this is another driver who in some way failed to act with the safety of others in mind and whose actions led to an impact with another vehicle. Yet not every collision is due to a driver’s error with some crashes caused by an improperly designed or manufactured car or tire, a poor road design, or bad maintenance performed on a vehicle, leaving it faulty and dangerous.

Police are still trying to sort out a five car collision that occurred on Sunday morning in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood around 2:15 a.m. At this time, it appears that one driver attempted to make a u-turn in the area of Armitage and Western Avenues, placing the vehicle in the midst of oncoming traffic and causing a collision that involved five separate vehicles. In all, 11 people sustained injuries and needed medical treatment at local hospitals but it appears that none were critically injured with all expected to survive.

U-turns allow a driver to reverse direction without changing roads or making a more traditional three point turn. Though they may provide some convenience, u-turns can pose a significant threat to public safety which is why they are restricted in many areas ans prohibited in others.



Even if u-turns are allowed in a certain section of a road, a driver cannot make a u-turn unless it is safe to do so, meaning that making the change in direction will not put others in danger and is not likely to cause an accident. Police have issued a citation to the u-turning driver in Sunday’s crash for the role that maneuver played in injuring 11.

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