Driver Facing Charges after Fatal Crash on Dan Ryan

In Chicago and across the state of Illinois, it is illegal to operate a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. A motorist will be presumed under the influence with a blood alcohol content of .08 or higher but that is not the only time a driver can be guilty of a crime. Rather, if there is any alcohol in a motorist’s system that causes that motorist to be impaired, even if a small amount, that driver can be guilty of operating while intoxicated.

While drinking and driving receives much attention, driving under the influence of other drugs, both prescription and street drugs, is just as dangerous and also a crime in Illinois. Chicago drivers who are impaired due to drugs are violating the law and can face similar punishments to those who drive drunk, including the loss or suspension of a driver’s license, fines and fees, and incarceration. In addition to any charges brought by state officials, impaired drivers who cause accidents may be held liable for the financial damages that result to victims, including any medical bills that may be incurred. The right to seek this relief belongs to victims and can be available regardless of the outcome of any criminal case or charges stemming from the accident. A personal injury lawyer may help you understand your legal options if you have been hurt in a collision.

Local authorities have charged a 35-year-old man with driving under the influence and reckless homicide following a Sunday evening collision on the Dan Ryan Expressway that left one woman dead. The incident occurred shortly after 7:00 p.m. near 87th Street in the northbound lanes and involved two vehicles, a BMW and a Jeep. Officials believe the 35-year-old driver of the BMW collided with the Jeep and forced the Jeep off the roadway where it began to roll. The 44-year-old female driver of the Jeep was seriously injured in the incident and was transported by EMS officials to an area hospital for emergency treatment. Though doctors tended to her, the woman’s injuries were too severe and she died later that evening.

Police responded to the scene and spoke with the driver of the BMW who reportedly sustained minor injuries and is expected to recover. According to an officer, the driver admitted to consuming several alcohol beverages earlier in the day, prompting officials to charge the man with driving under the influence. Authorities are still investigating the incident to determine whether any charges in addition to the two already filed should be brought and in an attempt to determine what caused the initial impact between the two vehicles.

Following a car accident, including those that may have been caused by a drunk driver, many victims do not know where to turn to obtain relief. They may be focused on their injuries and the treatment they need to return to normal or on how they will be able to take care of their family members like they did prior to the crash. When an accident is not your fault and yet you are the one that suffers, it can be incredibly frustrating.

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