7 Injured After CTA Bus Hits 2 Parked Cars

Buses are a common sight in Chicago with nearly every main street playing host to at least one bus on a regular basis. When considering travel by bus, those in Chicago have options to ride on the CTA, on a charter bus, on a private bus providing transit or simply tours, or even Greyhound buses, to name a few. Leaving the city and heading for the suburbs adds the addition of Pace buses while traveling out of town or out of state may include a ride on a Megabus. Regardless of the type of bus, though, a passenger trusts his or her safety to the driver once that passenger boards and takes a seat.

Often, buses provide safe passage through Chicago and its surrounding suburbs but for some unlucky riders, a bus accident may occur and may potentially cause injuries. Head and neck injuries, fractures or broken bones, and cuts and bruises are some of the most common injuries sustained in a bus incident though nearly any time of injury is possible. When a collision occurs, it can be difficult to understand who bears the legal responsibility for a crash and whether a victim may be entitled to relief. In some cases, it may be the bus driver and the bus company while in others, it may be a motorist who collided with the bus. Speaking with a personal injury lawyer in Chicago may help you sort through the legally relevant facts in your accident if you have been hurt as well as helping you understand your options to obtain monetary relief.

An early morning bus accident left seven people injured in the Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago, according to local authorities. Early reports indicate that a CTA bus was traveling in the 3700 block of South Cottage Grove Avenue when the bus collided with two parked cars. The incident happened at approximately 3:00 a.m. and may have first involved the CTA bus crossing the center line before striking the cars, though that has not been confirmed at this time. It is unclear exactly how many passengers were on the bus but officials have confirmed that six of them were injured and needed medical addition. Additionally, the driver of the bus was also hurt, leading to emergency crews transporting the seven victims to area hospitals.

Local police have not released their early findings into the incident including the cause of the crash or whether any citations are expected to be issued. However, the investigation into this incident is ongoing at this time. No victim was believed to be facing life-threatening injuries.

Bus accidents in Chicago can be complex and devastating at the same time. Victims may not know who to seek relief against or who was at fault while they attempt to seek the medical treatment they need. In many cases, medical bills, lost wages, and other financial damages can accumulate and lead to additional harm done to those who are not to blame for a crash, like passengers on a bus.

To ease this financial harm that may exist, victims can pursue a claim for their relief. In some cases, claims may be possible against multiple at-fault parties and/or multiple insurance companies so it is important to understand fully how your accident affects your rights.



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