Motorcycle Passenger Killed in I-80 Accident

A collision between a motorcycle and a semi truck on Saturday night left the motorcycle passenger dead and the driver injured, according to local police. The crash occurred near Tinley Park on I-80.

Authorities report that the semi truck was on I-80 traveling westbound as the motorcycle approached the highway. The driver of the motorcycle attempted to enter westbound I-80 and collided with the front right corner of the semi, causing the biker to lose control of his bike and then crashing to the ground.

It is not yet clear what caused the motorcyclist to strike the truck and whether the semi driver bears any fault for the collision. As a result of the crash, the female passenger on the bike was killed and the male driver was injured. The semi truck driver reportedly was unharmed in the crash.

Police have not yet stated if either driver has been charged in the crash or if there were any outside factors that played a role in the collision. The police are still investigating the incident which happened near Harlem Avenue.

Motorcycle riders place their safety at risk every time they get on a bike, whether driving or riding as a passenger. A biker can be as safe as possible while cruising the streets but a negligent driver of a car can still strike a biker, seriously injuring or even killing him. At times, a passenger on a motorcycle may face greater risk than a driver. Not only does the bike passenger have to worry about dangerous drivers of cars, trucks, and vans, but also about the potentially negligent conduct of the operator of the motorcycle.

The early facts in this case indicate that the operator of the bike in this case may be liable for the collision and therefore for the death of his passenger. If this is true, the biker may face traffic or even criminal charges stemming from the accident as well as the possibility of a wrongful death claim brought by the victim’s family.

A wrongful death claim is a civil action commenced in a court of law where the surviving family members of an accident victim seek a financial recovery. This recovery can be compensation for the lost time and interaction the family suffers as a result of the death, the losses a child faces from losing a parent, and even more concrete types of losses like the inability of the victim to support her family through wage earning.



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