Illinois Lawmakers Consider Allowing Illegal Aliens to Obtain Temporary Driver’s Licenses

Illinois legislators are reportedly considering a measure designed to allow an estimated 250,000 illegal immigrants in the state to obtain temporary motor vehicle operator’s licenses. Although the exact details of the proposed measure have not yet been finalized, lawmakers who support such a bill reportedly believe it would increase safety on roadways throughout the state as well as lower insurance costs. The proposed bill is expected to be considered in the Illinois General Assembly soon.

Although some lawmakers allegedly oppose the idea of allowing individuals who are in the country unlawfully to obtain a driver’s license, others have touted the idea as both economically and morally fair. The proposed legislation would expand a current program that allows foreign nationals who are in the United States legally to obtain a temporary vehicle operator’s license. It would require applicants to provide a both a passport and proof of residency in Illinois. Most importantly, such a measure would require drivers to pass a written, road, and vision test and obtain liability insurance. Still, the driver’s licenses issued would not be allowed to serve as a valid form of identification for illegal aliens.

Despite that similar measures have failed twice in the past, Governor Quinn stated he would sign the proposed bill if it is passed. According to Governor Quinn, the proposal is primarily a consumer safety measure. Across the United States, unlicensed motorists are reportedly five times more likely to be involved in a fatal collision than motorists who possess an operator’s license. The Illinois Highway Safety Coalition claims uninsured and unlicensed motorists are involved in almost 80,000 automobile crashes throughout the state every year. In addition, those crashes reportedly result in an estimated $660 million in damages, including about $64 million in property damage claims. In 2011, almost 48,000 citations for driving without a valid license were issued in Cook County alone.

According to the Illinois Highway Safety Coalition, the proposed law could save Illinois automobile insurance customers approximately $46 million in annual premiums. If passed, Illinois would be the third state, along with New Mexico and Washington, to allow illegal immigrants to obtain a temporary driver’s license.

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