Focus on safety reduces your chances of a Chicago car accident

Taking a moment to review safe driving habits can mean the difference between arriving at your destination safely or being involved in a serious or fatal Chicago car accident.

Periodically, we publish safe driving tips both here at Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer blog and on our sister site, Chicago Car Accident Lawyers blog, including advice for safe winter driving.

This latest found of tips “Being a Heads Up Driver,” is adapted from information provided by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety:

1) Plan ahead; Check traffic conditions and maps and have your route planned before setting out.

2)Stow electrical devices: Chicago car accidents are frequently caused by distracted drivers. Turn off your phone before you drive. Pull over to a safe location if you need to talk on the phone or make or receive text messages.

3)Prepare kids and pets: Get kids safely situated and seat belted before you start driving. Pull over to safety before attempting to retrieve items or interact with passengers. Also prepare and secure pets, which can become a serious distraction.

4)No eating: Eat before getting behind the wheel or stop and take a break to eat if driving long distances.

5)Store possessions: Stash any loose items that might roll around and distract you from driving.

6)Maintain vehicle: Keep your vehicle well maintained. Make sure you have clean and functioning headlights and directional lighting as well as proper windshield wipers and good tires. Adjust seat positions, climate controls, stereos and other devices while you vehicle is stopped.

7)Dress before you get into the car: It’s not a dressing room. Brush your hair, apply make-up, shave and tie your tie before leaving for your destination.

8)Pay attention: Focus and drive safely. Scan the road, avoid distraction and use your mirrors.

9)Evaluate your behavior: Honestly evaluate whether you engage in poor driving habits that would worry you as another driver or pedestrian.

10)Practice: Make safe driving a daily habit.

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