Defective Toyota leads to lawsuit following Chicago car accident

A 23-year-old St. Charles resident has filed a lawsuit claiming his defective Toyota led to aChicago car accident after the gas pedal stuck open on a rented 2010 Corolla, the Chicago Breaking News Center reported. The defective vehicle claim follows a series of massive recalls by Toyota for floor mats that interfere with the gas pedal and sticking gas pedals. I software issue has also been reported on new Prius models, which can reportedly cause a delay in braking. Repairs have begun on some of the millions of impacted vehicles, the Sun-Times reported. The lawsuit, the first of its kind filed in Cook County in connection with the Toyota recalls, seeks in excess of $50,000 in damages for the Dec. 26 crash. The claim reports that the man rended the car from a Chicago-area Hertz and crashed into another car at 7th and West Main streets in St. Charles. The suit blames the Chicago car accident on a defective Toyota, claiming the driver and a passenger were injured in the crash after the gas pedal stuck and he was unable to stop the vehicle. The Chicago personal injury lawsuit also claims Hertz was negligent for renting the vehicle after the recall.

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