Driver on Route 12 May Have Run Red Light Causing Fatal Car Accident in Lake County

A 10-year-old boy was killed and his twin brother was severely injured in a recent intersection car accident in Lake County. Officials believe the driver who hit them ran a red light, causing the accident, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. It was a multi-car accident at that dangerous intersection in Wauconda at Route 12, damaging two other vehicles.”We have no evidence of anyone being under the influence,” Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran.

Our Chicago car accident attorneys learned that one fifth-grader died and his twin brother and the boys’ father were injured. When drivers fail to obey traffic signals, accidents result. There have been numerous studies and preventative measures taken to make intersections safer for everyone. Still, far too many drivers display complete disregard for traffic signals and road signs, and continue to cause serious accidents in our Illinois roadways. All drivers are asked to be courteous and cautious on our roadways during the holiday season. Traffic is expected to increase substantially and so do the risks we face while driving along Illinois’ roadways through the congested holiday travel season.

The truck that may have zipped through the red light was a Ford Super Duty loaded with roofing supplies. The large truck slammed into a smaller Lincoln sedan as it attempted to make a left-hand turn in front of the truck. The Ford didn’t stop for the red light and slammed right into the Lincoln with the father and two boys inside. The Lincoln was thrown off the roadway and the large truck flipped upon collision. Two additional vehicles were caught up in the collision and suffered minor damages.

All of the occupants in the Lincoln were reportedly wearing their seat belts when the accident happened. One was killed and the two survivors were still banged up pretty badly.

Witness reported to authorities that the large truck failed to stop at the red light at the intersection of Old McHenry Road and Route 12. The speed limit on that road is 55 mph. It’s a four-lane divided highway.

The truck driver was treated for injuries, questioned by officers and later released. Currently, there are no charges pending, but officials continue to investigate the accident.

Back in 2009, a motorcyclist was killed at that same intersection after a motor vehicle failed to stop for that red light. The red-light running driver in that accident was later charged and convicted of reckless homicide. Prosecutors determined that the female driver was painting her fingernails at the wheel when the accident happened.

As the holidays approach, our roadways will get more and more congested with residents and visitors off to celebrate the season. Drivers are asked to be extremely cautious at the wheel and to obey all traffic signals to help to avoid a potentially fatal accident.

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