Chicago injury lawyer obtains jury verdict in Illinois auto accident lawsuit

Chicago personal injury lawyers from Abels & Annes, working with co-counsel from the Elman Law Group, have obtained a jury verdict at trial in the Circuit Court of Cook County. The lawsuit stems from a Chicago car crash that occurred several years ago at the intersection of Clark Street and Oakdale on on the North Side.

The plaintiff was working as a delivery driver when he stopped his 1992 Honda Civic at a stop sign. After stopping his vehicle he was rear-ended by the defendant who was driving a 1996 Saturn.

The plaintiff had an immediate onset of back and neck pain after the collision. He was treated the day after the car crash at Grant Hospital in Chicago. At the ER he was examined by physicians and prescribed pain medication.

Our client’s pain did not improve over the next several days so he sought follow-up treatment with a chiropractic physician. The plaintiff went through therapy that consisted of inferential current, mechanical traction, and heat treatment. He also at x-rays and an MRI several weeks after the accident to rule out more serious injuries.

The defendant’s insurance carrier would not make a settlement offer pre-litigation so a lawsuit was filed. The case eventually went to trial in front of the Honorable Shelli D. Williams. The jury returned a verdict in favor of the plaintiff for $12,123.00 plus court costs. Our co-counsel, Anthony Elman tried the case.

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