Chicago Cops New Plan To Crack Down On Pedestrian Accidents

In Chicago, Illinois a new plan is about to go into effect to cut down on pedestrian accidents at dangerous intersections, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. Chicago Police Officers are set to pretend to be pedestrians at certain intersections and they will be issuing tickets to drivers that fail to yield. The operation starts next week.

Fines for violations are to range from $50 to $500. The crackdown will start at the following intersections:

Division and Hoyne;

Nagle and Peterson;

119th and Stewart;

103rd and South Prairie; and

86th and Commercial.

The above intersections all have had several accidents. They are also near schools, shopping areas, or areas where elderly people reside. Many of the above intersections are also the location of recent pedestrian knock-downs. The intersections have no stop lights or stop signs.

We recently reported that pedestrian accidents have been increasing in Chicago. As warm weather arrives, our law firm is already working on several new cases.

Just last Friday, a North Side resident was hit by a car as she crossed in a in a crosswalk with a green light. The driver was turning right on the green light, however he failed to notice the pedestrian. Our client sustained serious head injuries and is still hospitalized a week later.

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