Women, teenagers, most likely to be injured in Chicago car accidents

Women and teenagers were most likely to be seriously injured in Illinois car accidents, according to the Illinois Department of Transportation’s 2008 Illinois Crash Facts and Statistics report.

The Chicago injury lawyers and wrongful death attorneys at Abels & Annes are published a series of blogs taking a look at the comprehensive traffic data here and on our sister site, Chicago Car Accident Lawyers Blog. The latest data shows teenagers and women are at increased risk of injury as a result of a traffic accident.

Last year, an average of 1,115 Illinois traffic crashes claimed three lives a day and injured 11 people an hour.

Almost 20 percent of injury crashes injured 16,119 occupants ages 25 to 34, followed by drivers 35 to 44 (13,532 injuries) and 45 to 54 (12,491 injuries).

However, teenagers were at 5 times greater risk of an injury accident after being old enough to drive. Just 2,068 injuries were reported among kids ages 10 to 14 compared to 10,869 injuries in teenagers ages 15 to 19.

Women in every age group were more likely to be injured. Last year in accidents where age was reported, 45,260 women were injured in Illinois car accidents compared to 39,885 men.

Age 15 to 19
Men: 4,845 Women: 6,024
Age 20 to 24
Men: 5,120 Women: 5,811
Age 25 to 34
Men: 7,779 Women: 8,340
Age 35 to 44:
Men: 6,477 Women: 7,055
Age 45 to 54

Men: 5,963 Women: 6,528
Age 55 to 64
Men: 3,677 Women: 4,282
Age 65 to 74
Men: 1,722 Women: 2,045
75 and up
Men: 1,324 Women: 1,729
The holiday driving season is always a good time to brush up on safety. Here are 70 Defensive Driving Rules to live by, as published by Road Trip America. The State of Illinois also publishes a Parent-Teen Driving Guide for discussing safe driving habits with your teenager.

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