Wicked Winter Weather Increasing Risks for Car Accidents in Chicago

Residents are urged to dress warmly at to be careful on our roadways over the next few days. The Chicago Sun-Times and other outlets are reporting bad weather in the forecast. Combine that with Friday the 13th, and all bets are off.

Drivers should stay calm on the roadway and avoid braking suddenly as we can expect as much as eight inches of snow in the next few days. It’s expected to start Thursday morning and continue on through the evening, leaving some scary road conditions to great motorists on Friday the 13th. Superstitious or not, drivers are asked to be extremely cautious to help to avoid a weather-related car accident in Chicago.”It’s going to be a shock to the system,” said Ed Fenelon of the National Weather Service. “We’ve been experiencing weather typical of November or March. This is now going to be a punch of January weather.”

Our Chicago car accident lawyers understand that wind gusts are expected to reach 35 miles per hour during this cold weather snap. The cold weather is also expected to remain in town through the weekend, with temps staying in the single digits.

To help you to stay safe in this winter weather, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and safercar.gov are teaming up to provide drivers with some simple safe driving tips.

Safe Winter Driving Tips:

-Check your windshield washer reservoir. Make sure that it’s filled with high-quality, “no-freeze” wiper fluid.

-Make sure that your vehicle’s windshield wipers are working properly and aren’t worn.

-Make sure that the air pressure in your tires is properly filled.

-Check the weather, traffic and road conditions in Chicago before getting into the car and departing.

-If road conditions are dangerous and you don’t feel comfortable behind the wheel, pull over and wait it out.

-Keep your gas tank at least half filled. You never know when you’re going to get stuck in dangerous weather or in a traffic jam.

-Know where you’re headed before you leave to avoid messing with GPS devices or road maps.

-If your vehicle breaks down, stay with your car and don’t overexert yourself.

-If broken down, tie a bright colored cloth to the antenna of your vehicle to help passing motorists and emergency responders see you.

-Never rush. Leave with plenty of time to spare.

-Always travel with a charged cell phone.

-In dangerous weather and road conditions, your full attention is required. Curb all distractions and keep your eyes and your mind on the road and your hands on the wheel.

Be extra careful during this expected weather, especially on Friday the 13th. The fear of this day is called “friggatriskaidekaphobia,” which means the fear of the number 13. One theory of the haunted day says that it’s a modern amalgamation of two older superstitions. One being that thirteen is an unlucky number and the other being that Friday is an unlucky day.

Be careful on our roadways, be careful through the snow and be careful on Friday the 13th!

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