Two Killed in Fiery SUV Accident in Chicago

The typical image of a car accident might conjure two cars getting into a fender bender and the frustrated drivers that are left behind. In reality, there are thousands of ways that a car crash may occur and they may involve anywhere from one to dozens of vehicles. In Chicago, many people are killed every year in single vehicle car accidents.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported 561 fatalities from single vehicle traffic accidents in 2013 alone. In addition to those victims who lost their lives, many more were injured and the effects of these crashes extend to the families, friends, and loved ones of those involved. When a single car accident takes place, many Chicago victims do not realize that they are still entitled to relief and to help for their damages even if the driver of their vehicle was responsible for the crash. The laws that apply depend on the facts and circumstances surrounding an individual crash so those who have been hurt may want to speak with an injury lawyer to learn about their options.

Early Sunday morning, an SUV in Chicago left the road’s surface and struck a pole near the street, causing the vehicle to catch fire and injuring those inside. The incident occurred in the 1200 block of South Clinton Street shortly before 3:00 a.m. and is still under investigation.

Police believe that a male was operating the SUV but there has been no word on what caused the collision. Three males were inside the vehicle and two, a 25-year-old man and a 42-year-old man, were killed in the accident. A third male, aged 26, survived the accident but was critically injured. Emergency crews took that man to an area hospital for treatment of undisclosed injuries and his current status is not clear.

The SUV was on fire when police arrived at the scene and firefighters were able to extinguish the flame after a short battle.



In many cases, multiple factors culminate and combine to cause a car accident in Illinois, including the thousands of crashes that take place in Chicago every year. Some of these will not result in injuries and those involved may be able to walk away from the crashes. Unfortunately, thousands cause significant damages every year and many people lose their lives in the tragedies.

When a crash occurs, it can seem like no one is on your side, fighting for your rights, but that does not have to be the case. The personal injury attorneys at Abels & Annes, P.C. believe in fighting for those who have been hurt and if a car accident has affected your life, we want to fight for you.

We offer a case consultation without a fee and without an obligation to all injury victims who call us toll free at (855) 529-2442 or locally at (312) 924-7575. We understand that accidents happen at all hours of the day and night so we keep an attorney standing by 24/7/365 to take your call and help you understand your legal options. If you have been involved in an accident and you were injured, call us today and let us help you seek the relief you deserve.

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