Two Dead After Semi-Truck Accident on the Bishop Ford

It is up to every driver on the road to know and to follow all traffic-related rules and regulations, regardless of what state they are driving in or where they are heading. Failing to follow street rules may lead to a citation, a criminal charge, or other punishment if a driver is stopped by local authorities. When it comes to semi-truck drivers, though, the rules that apply are more complex. In addition to following the basic rules that apply to small vehicles like passenger cars, semi-truck drivers are required to follow federal and state regulations that are strict, including possible reduced speeds, restrictions on consecutive hours of driving, and limitations on the amount of driving in a 24 hour period.

Long before a driver can legally operate a semi-truck, that individual must receive special training and obtain a special type of license to ensure that the driver knows and understands the regulations of conduct as they stand. For the most part, the stricter driving requirements combined with the increased training and licensing requirements are believed to limit the number of semi-truck accidents that occur on American roads every year. Unfortunately, though, some truck accidents continue to take place. While semi-trucks are involved in relatively few collisions per mile traveled, the accidents that do result are substantial and often result in serious injuries or even death because the large size and weight of a semi-truck has the potential to do great damage. If you have been involved in a semi-truck accident in the Chicago area, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your damages, including payment for your medical bills. Consulting with a personal injury lawyer may help you understand your legal options if you are unsure of your rights or unclear about your possibilities for relief.

Around 2:30 a.m. on Sunday, a collision between a car and a semi-truck occurred on the Bishop Ford that left two people dead. Area authorities reported that both vehicles were traveling southbound near South Cottage Grove Avenue with the truck in front of the car prior to impact. Police believe that the semi-truck began to slow its speed as it approached a construction zone. For reasons that are not clear, the car behind the truck failed to slow in response and allegedly collided with the rear of the semi-truck, leading the car to become entrapped underneath the rear of the semi.

Emergency crews responded to the scene to evaluate those individuals involved in the crash. Two men, ages 25 and 26, were inside the car and unfortunately, both died as a result of the impact. The driver of the semi-truck was not believed to be injured seriously. Authorities restricted traffic in the area while they began an investigation and while the wreckage of the collision was assessed. Police have released some initial information regarding the accident but they state that their review is ongoing and that they are still reviewing relevant facts at this time.



When a truck accident occurs in Chicago, the driver of the truck, the driver of another vehicle, or any passengers involved may be injured or killed. These collisions can lead to complicated legal situations that can be impossible for the average victim to sort through or understand, giving an at-fault driver or an insurance company a substantial advantage when it comes to seeking relief.

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