Truckers back law punishing excessive speed as means to reduce Illinois car accidents

Lawmakers are targeting excessive speeders in an effort to reduce Illinois car accidents.

The measure has the support of some professional truck drivers, who cite aggressive and speeding drivers as a cause of Illinois trucking accidents, according to Land Line Magazine, a professional trucking publication.Last month, the Chicago Tribune reported the results of an investigation that determined nearly two-thirds of motorists cited for speeding in excess of 100 mph, were given court supervision, a form of probation that kept the citations off their driving records, prevented them from having their driver’s licenses suspended and kept their insurance rates from increasing.

At least 1,100 motorists caught traveling 100 mph or faster in Illinois during the last five years were given such breaks.

This week, House lawmakers unanimously passed a measure that would prohibit judges from allowing court supervision in cases where a motorist is convicted of driving at least 40 mph over the limit. The Senate unanimously passed a slightly different version.

As we reported in November on our Chicago Car Accident Lawyers blog, speeding drivers cost an average of $44,193 a minute in speed-related accidents nationwide.

Speed facts:

-Risk of death or serious injury doubles for every 10 mph over 50 mph that a vehicle is traveling at the moment of impact.
-On average, more than 30 people a day, or 1,000 people a month, die in speed-related crashes, making speeding a cause or contributing factor in about one-third of nationwide traffic fatalities each year.
-One-third of fatal crashes involving young motorists, ages 15 to 24, involve speeding.

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