Suspected Drunk Driver Kills Passenger in Oak Brook

Police in Oak Brook believe that the driver involved in Sunday’s one car fatal collision was drunk at the time of the crash and that man has since been charged with aggravated driving under the influence causing death.

The charges stem from an early morning crash where a 49-year-old driver left the road near 31st Street and Spring Road and crashed his car. The man had a 48-year-old male passenger who was killed in the crash and who was a resident of Hinsdale. The victim was a lawyer who leaves behind a wife and two children.

The driver survived the collision and was transported to an area hospital for treatment of undisclosed injuries. He has since been released and arrested in connection with the crash with authorities alleging that his blood alcohol content was greater than the legal limit of 0.08 in Illinois. The driver is facing a $750,000 bail at this time.

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is illegal in the state of Illinois and all other states for that matter, yet every year, thousands of drivers take to the roads after they have been drinking. The same excuses are always offered by those that get caught – that they were just buzzed, only had a few drinks, had no other way to get home, were only going a short distance, or even that they drive better when drunk because they are more cautions – but these excuses are never a reason to drive while under the influence. Statistically drunk drivers are much more likely to cause a crash than those who avoid alcohol, making these drivers a hazard to themselves and to others on the roads. As this instance illustrates, a drunk driver poses a danger to him or herself as well as to any passengers in the driver’s car.

Drunk drivers face the possibility of criminal sanctions if they are arrested and if an accident results, those penalties may include serious jail time. In addition to any criminal offenses, a driver under the influence may face a civil claim by a victim or a victim’s families for any damages incurred, including any necessary medical bills, as a result of an accident that was the drunk driver’s fault.



If you or your loved one has been injured by the actions of a drunk driver, regardless of whether you were in the same vehicle as the driver or in another car, on a motorcycle, or as a bicyclists or pedestrian, you may have a financial claim for your damages. Illinois law may provide you with a monetary recovery option to pay for your expenses including your medical bills and any time you missed from work.

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