Stolen Chicago Ambulance Causes 6 Car Accident In Evanston, Illinois

An ambulance that was stolen in Chicago caused a multiple vehicle accident today in Evanston, Illinois, according to the Chicago Sun-times. The ambulance was being driven recklessly at a high rate of speed with it ran a red light at the intersection of Dempster Street and Chicago Avenue, striking several cars. As many as eight people were reportedly injured. A total of six vehicles were involved.

The ambulance was taken from a nursing home in Chicago. At one point it struck a parked car and kept on going. Witnesses said the vehicle was moving very erratically and thought the driver might have been impaired. The ambulance was privately owned.

Two cars hit were totaled. The driver of the ambulance allegedly got out of the vehicle after the accident, yelled that he hated God, and fled the scene on foot. Witnesses ran after the man and cornered him until Evanston police arrived. He was treated for injuries and arrested. The accident occurred around 3 pm and the intersection had to be closed for several hours.

In this type of accident involving multiple injuries and a stolen vehicle, the ambulance company’s insurance policy most likely will have a stolen vehicle exclusion and they will not cover the loss. The accident lawyers for the injured victims will need to set up uninsured motorist claims for their clients against their own auto insurance carriers.

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