State Receives Recognition for Combating Drunk Driving Accidents in Illinois

Illinois has been recognized for its efforts to combat drunk driving car accidents in Chicago and elsewhere in the state. According to the Belleville News-Democrat, Mothers Against Drunk Driving has named our state “as a national leader in the fight against drunk driving.” Jesse White, the Illinois Secretary of State says he couldn’t be more thrilled about it.The Illinois Department of Transportation reports that car accidents involving alcohol-impaired drivers have decreased by about 40 percent since White stepped into office. State records report that there were more than 700 alcohol-related accident in 1999 and fewer than 400 in 2010. Because of the decrease, Illinois has been recognized by Mothers Against Drunk Driving for the last five years.

Our Chicago drunk driving accident attorneys understand there’s not one particular way to target drunk drivers. State officials have to engage in a number of efforts and campaigns to spread the word and to crackdown on these irresponsible drivers. Mothers Against Drunk Driving uses a specific rating system to determine which states are most effective. These efforts include drunk driving campaigns, sobriety checkpoints and stricter penalties for those who drive drunk with children in the vehicle. Although these efforts seem to be helping in getting drunk drivers off of our roadways, we’re still experiencing far too many drunk driving accidents. Until we clear our streets of every single one of these accidents, there are too many occurring. Drivers are urged to be extremely cautious for intoxicated drivers throughout the remainder of 2011. The end of the year and the holiday season brings out alcohol-impaired drivers everywhere. By keeping a cautious eye on others on the roadway and being responsible behind the wheel, we can all contribute to a safer holiday season.

According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, nearly 40 percent of roadway deaths were drunk driving-related last year. Compared to 2009 statistics, the number of drunk driving-related fatalities decreased by 10 percent in 2010. Still, these accidents cost nearly $2 million.

In the last five years, there were more than 2,000 people killed in drunk driving-related accidents. All of these fatal crashes cost nearly $11 billion.

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and the remainder of 2011, alcohol-related accidents are expected to increase. The holidays are unfortunately a deadly time on our roadways. Mothers Against Drunk Driving reports that there were about 900 people who died from car accidents with a drunk driver from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day in 2009.

The recent recognition comes as Mothers Against Drunk Driving celebrates the fifth year anniversary of its Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving. Illinois and four other states were recognized for receiving five stars for efforts to halt drunk drivers. Utah, Nebraska, Kansas and Arizona were also recognized.

These states were recognized for adopting the following preventative measures:

-License revocations.

-Harsher punishment for refusing a sobriety test while under arrest.

-Stricter penalties for driving drunk while a child in the vehicle.

-Sobriety checkpoints.

-Ignition interlock devices for drunk drivers.

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