State Farm Insurance says October is a dangerous month for teenage Chicago auto accidents

State Farm has released new information that shows October is still a very dangerous month for teens being involved in Illinois car crashes, and accidents nationwide. They made this determination by looking at data collected over the past seven years, and the greatest amount of claims filed by 16-year-olds and 17-year-olds occurs in October. Claims go up around 15% compared to other months.

Approximately one out of four states have October as the most dangerous months for teen crashes, and about 70% of all states show October as being in its top three months. A State Farm spokesperson says that auto accidents are the number one killer of teens.

Research from State Farm shows that while 70% of teenage drivers say they are nervous about being involved in an auto accident or injuring someone, 57% of those teen drivers admit to texting or reading while at the wheel.

The State Farm website claims:

-Teens are nearly 10 times more likely to be an accident during his or her first year of driving.
-Nearly 2/3 of deadly teen crashes are caused by driver mistakes, from either being distracted or not knowing what to do.
-The risk of a fatal accident can increase up to five times is there our two or more passengers in the vehicle.
-That driving while being tired can affect your driving in the same way alcohol does.

The State Farm website goes on to recommend that teen drivers wear seatbelts, not talk on the cell phone or text while driving, limit the number of passengers in the car, stay within the speed limit, and avoid high-risk driving situations such as bad weather or nighttime driving.

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