Seven-vehicle Chicago car accident injures 13 over the weekend

A weekend Illinois car accident involving seven vehicles injured 13 people, according to the Southtown Star.

The Chicago area car accident at Vollmer Road and Governor’s Highway in Flossmoor, Illinois sent nine people to the hospital by ambulance. Four others were treated at the scene.

The accident, which occurred at 4 p.m. Saturday, closed the streets in either direction for several hours.

A black SUV was eastbound on Vollmer Road, when it entered the westbound lane and struck a pickup truck, according to police. The SUV’s driver then continued east, ran a red light at Governors Highway and collided with a Buick.

Police reported that the collision caused the SUV to roll over several times, hitting four vehicles waiting for the traffic light to change. The SUV came to a stop on its roof about 300 feat east of the intersection.

The SUV’s driver was removed from the vehicle and taken to the hospital. The extent of the injuries caused in the car accident have not been reported.

Paramedics from Country Club Hills, Matteson and Chicago Heights responded to the scene and transported eight others to area hospitals, according to police.

The Flossmoor police investigated the accident. Whether drugs or alcohol were involved, or what traffic citataions were issued to the SUV driver, has not been reported.

In this type of Chicago area car accident case, the injured parties will all most likely have civil claims to make against the SUV driver’s auto insurance carrier. However, in a case such as this where there are so many injured parties, there may not be enough insurance coverage to satisfy all of the claims. If that is the case, the injured parties have a right to make uninsured / under insured motorist claims against their own insurance policies.

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