Risks for Car Accidents in Chicago Skyrocket through St. Patrick’s Day

According to Market Watch, Chicago has been ranked as the number one most popular destination in the U.S. for St. Patrick’s Day. Unfortunately, risks for drunk driving car accidents in Chicago are some of the highest during this Irish holiday, too.In Chicago, we’ve got everything from the green Chicago River and parties from River West to Wrigleyville. Whatever is on your St. Patrick’s Day agenda, just make sure it’s not drinking and driving.

Our Chicago injury lawyers understand that finding alternative transportation is getting easier and easier by the day. Now we have smartphones that can help us to stay safe on St. Patrick’s Day. As a matter of fact, the Orbitz Hotels smartphone app is working with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) to make it easier than ever to snag a hotel room at a cheap price to help to avoid drunk driving accidents this St. Patrick’s Day weekend. For every iPad or iPhone download of the app over the weekend, Orbitz will donate $1 to MADD.

“Why risk getting on the road when you have such a safe and easy option right at your fingertips?” said Jeanenne Tornatore, Orbitz.com Senior Travel Editor.

Jan Withers, the National President of MADD, says that the organization encourages people to plan ahead for the big holiday. She recommends that those celebrating the holiday choose to stay home or to stay the night somewhere whenever alcohol is involved. Getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol should never be a part of your party plans.

According to the Illinois State Police (ISP), there are hundreds of people who die every year in the state because of drinking and drugged driving. There are hundreds more that are severely injured or permanently disabled because of these needless accidents. These accidents cost millions in property damage, too. What’s worse is that these kinds of accidents are completely preventable!

Troopers with the ISP would like to remind you that they practice a Zero Tolerance Law. This not only means that they’re going to be tough on of-age drivers, but they’re also going to be targeting influenced drivers who aren’t 21 yet. This means that minors can have their driving privileges suspended even if they’re not intoxicated at the .08 level, but if their blood alcohol level (BAC) comes back anywhere between .01 and .07.

Drivers are asked not to rely on the luck of the Irish during this year’s St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Remember to designate a sober driver before you head out and start consuming green beer, or any color beer for that matter. You should also keep an eye on your friends and family members, too. Whatever you do, make sure that neither you nor anyone else gets behind the wheel of a motor vehicle after drinking. It could wind up to be a bad decision that ends your life.

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