Rear-End Car Accidents are the Most Common Collisions in the Country

Everything around us is getting smarter, more interactive, and more intuitive as each year passes thanks to advancements in technology that improve our American lifestyles. These advancements cross nearly every boundary in society and stretch from the classroom to the professional world, from breakfast to bedtime. Few pieces of our lives are technology-free at this point and many who live in Chicago like it that way.

One spot where technological advancements have made huge strides in recent years is in automobile design and manufacture. Today, cars are more efficient than ever before and can even perform some tasks on their own. Yet despite advances in cars, trucks, and buses, collisions keep happening and keep causing injuries to those involved. Nationally, the biggest culprit for car accidents continues to be rear-end collisions and unfortunately, those who drive in Chicago are at a significant risk for being involved in that type of crash.

Almost half of all car accidents involve one car colliding with the rear of a second vehicle and yet little public attention is paid to them for a number of reasons. Initially, there is a common misbelief that rear-end accidents are minor and do not cause harm to the people involved. But if you talk to anyone who has been involved in a rear-end crash, you are likely to hear that a wide range of damage may result. Fortunately, some are in fact minor and may not cause physical injuries to those involved. But others can be significant or even extreme, causing harm to people in either vehicle or even claiming their lives. As a result, it is a mistake to assume that all rear-end crashes are minor and therefore not a big deal.

Another reason that less attention is paid to rear-end collisions than other types of car accidents is that they often result from a mistake that many drivers can understand or even rationalize. A momentary lapse in judgment, becoming distracted by a cell phone, or even operating a little too fast for conditions are some of the reasons that rear-end accidents happen. Visit this site to learn more about distracted driving. When compared to actions like driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, a typical Chicago driver may find the errors that lead to a rear-end crash as relatively minor. However it is a mistake to think like that because even unintended omissions can cause an accident that may harm another person and possibly force that other individual to seek medical care for her injuries. It is up to every single driver to operate in a safe and reasonable manner, and failing to do so may be a violation of the law.

Today, it is clear that rear-end car accidents are exceedingly common and that they are not given as much attention as they deserve based on their frequency. If you travel by car in the Chicago area, make sure you understand some of the reasons that rear-end crashes take place and do everything that you can to ensure that you will not be involved in a collision.

If you are driving, make sure you slow down and operate at an appropriate speed. Leave plenty of distance between you and the vehicle in front of you and make sure you obey all traffic signals. If you are a passenger, do not ride with a driver who operates in an aggressive or unsafe manner or who displays signs of tailgating. If you make sure you conduct yourself in a safe manner, your odds of becoming a car accident victim will decrease.

Further, if you are in the market for a new vehicle, consider using technology to your advantage by opting for a vehicle with a forward collision warning or even deterrent system. These systems can function in several ways but all of them utilize the position of a vehicle with relation to solid objects in front of it, constantly measuring a growing or closing distance and warning the driver if a hazard is too close to be considered safe. In the real world, this means that a car can provide a driver with a signal, usually a visual or auditory cue, to alert the driver if she is about to strike a car in front of her. Ideally, the driver will heed this warning and take evasive action. Some more advanced systems actually apply the brake automatically to prevent an impact and to reduce the number of collisions in Illinois. Even if you do not have this technology personally, it may still benefit you if the driver behind your car has it and avoids a crash with you because of it.

If your life has been affected by a rear-end car accident in Chicago and you or someone you love was hurt as a result, consider speaking with a personal injury attorney today to learn about your legal options for help.

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