Potholes in Chicago are becoming a Serious Problem

Some consider potholes or chuck holes just to be a part of driving in Chicago and a pain that cannot be avoided. But potholes often are more than just an annoyance to drivers and bicyclists. They can be a threat to safety and they are responsible for numerous accidents every year. No driver is immune from the threat of a pothole but some are at greater risk than others.

Potholes can cause a car to be knocked out of alignment or can even entrap a car’s wheel if the hole is large enough. Too often, though, a pothole causes a driver to lose control of a vehicle and then to cause a collision with another car or an object in the road. This can lead to serious injuries to a driver, a passenger, or others in the area.

Motorcycle riders and bicyclists may face the greatest risk of injury by potholes because a pothole can easily cause a crash among these riders, even without another vehicle being involved. Any time the rider of a motorcycle or bicycle comes into contact with a pothole, there is a chance that the rider will be thrown off and may land on the ground. These incidents often result in injuries or in the worst cases, death.

Pothole accidents may not be avoidable and in some cases may not be the fault of a city or a state. But in some cases, a local or state government knows of the dangerous condition but fails to take action to correct it, allowing others to potentially become injured in the meantime. When the existence of a pothole is known but ignored, a city or other entity may be liable for the injuries that result from an accident. Speaking with an injury lawyer is the best way to know whether you have a valid claim for your damages and if you are entitled to financial relief.

A major cause of potholes if the cycle of freezing and thawing that occurs in cold weather climates like Chicago. Snow and ice fall on the road and turn to water as cars run over it or as the weather warms. The water runs underneath the road’s surface and then freezes, causing the ground beneath the roadway to freeze. This causes the area to expand and crack, creating more ways for water to again travel beneath the road’s surface and further freezing. This cracking and expanding of the road can cause large sections to fracture and falter, leading to potholes. Though the weather may cause many of these road defects to occur, the roads must still be maintained in a reasonably safe manner by those in charge of their care.

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