Cause of Fatal Car Accident in Chicago Unknown

Have you ever been involved in a car accident while in Chicago? If you are of legal driving age, odds are good that you have been involved in at least one crash in your lifetime. Even if you cannot or do not drive, there is still a good probability that you have been involved in a traffic-related collision as a pedestrian, bicyclists, or a passenger of an automobile.

Typically, about one-half to two-thirds of collisions are considered to be property damage only. This means that while at the scene, no one involved appears to be physically hurt or that no one reports injuries. Often, those victims seek medical attention on their own at a later time so it is likely that some of these accidents do result in physical harm to the occupants involved. In the other one-half to one-third of car accidents in Illinois, it is clear that at least one person has been hurt and will need assistance for those injuries. This translates to tens or even hundreds of thousands of injury victims annually who will need help or, tragically, who lose their lives in accidents.

These same victims have protections under the laws of Chicago and of the State of Illinois but many victims do not know where to turn for help. Speaking with a personal injury attorney is helpful for many as it can illuminate the legal implications of a crash as well as help a victim understand who may be held financially liable for the totality of the damages incurred, including any medical bills that may result from a crash and the pain and suffering experienced by a victim. Those who wish to seek financial relief must do so within a time period specified by law so it is wise to speak with a lawyer as soon as practicable after a car accident.

Unfortunately, police in the Chicago neighborhood of South Deering have confirmed that a single-car accident in that area claimed the life of one teen and left two other individuals with serious injuries. The incident happened near the intersection of East 116th Street and South Torrence Avenue on Thursday evening but the cause of the crash is not clear.

Based on witness reports and evidence at the scene, officials have concluded that the driver of the vehicle lost control and struck a fire hydrant before the vehicle rolled over and collided with a porch on a nearby home. The incident claimed the life of a 19-year-old male and left an 18-year-old passenger and a 20-year-old passenger in critical condition.

Police are still reviewing all factors in this collision as part of their investigation.

Car accidents cause harm and devastation to those involved as well as those who love the victims, including friends and family members. If your life has been affected by a collision, make sure you understand whether you are entitled to financial compensation for your injuries and whether you have the right to obtain relief.

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