Off Duty Chicago Police Officer Charged in Connection With Logan Square Bicycle Accident

A 33-year-old Chicago police officer was recently charged with leaving the scene of an injury accident and filing a false police report after he allegedly struck a woman who was riding her bicycle home from work in August. According to an accident witness, the off duty police officer ran a stop sign in the early morning hours of August 3rd and hit the 25-year-old bicyclist with his pick-up truck near the intersection of Wabansia and California Streets. Following the initial impact, the woman reportedly flew over the hood of the truck before landing on the street.

Although the law enforcement officer called emergency responders using his cellular phone, the man allegedly told 911 operators he had no idea why the woman was on the ground and declined to identify himself. The off duty police officer reportedly called 911 a second time to tell operators the woman may be injured before driving around the bicyclist as she lay on the ground, hitting two parked cars, and leaving the accident scene. According to Cook County prosecutors, the bicyclist suffered broken bones and facial injuries that required her to stay in a local hospital for about 48 hours.

A license plate reportedly fell off of the police officer’s pick-up when he struck the parked cars. Although police went to the officer’s house to question him following the crash, no one answered the door. Two days later, the man filed a police report which stated the bicyclist ran a stop sign and struck his pick-up truck. Although the off duty cop blamed the bicyclist for causing her own injuries, both forensic and medical records allegedly indicate that the motorist caused the bicycle accident. After he was charged, the officer was purportedly relieved of his police powers and placed in an administrative position pending the outcome of his case.

Bicyclists in Illinois must obey the same laws as motorists while traveling on streets and other roadways. Still, most Chicago bicycle accidents occur after a motorist fails to yield to a bicycle rider at a stop sign or traffic light. Illinois bicycle accidents allegedly killed 27 people and hurt more than 3,300 others in 2008. Many of those injuries reportedly occurred in urban areas like Chicago. If you were harmed by a negligent driver while riding your bicycle, you should discuss your case with a skilled personal injury attorney as soon as you are able.

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