NHTSA Pushing Backup Camera to Reduce Risks of Pedestrian Accidents in Illinois, Nation

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is working diligently to get backup cameras installed on motor vehicles across the country to help reduce the risks of car-pedestrian accidents in Chicago and elsewhere. These rear-view cameras are used to help drivers to see pedestrians, especially the elderly and young children, while reversing a vehicle.Our Chicago pedestrian accident attorneys understand that Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s is a dangerous time for back over accidents. These accidents are a common occurrence during family gatherings and in busy parking lots during the holiday season. Motorists are urged to be extremely careful when backing up in a motor vehicle. Make sure that you know that nothing is behind you before slamming it into reverse and hitting the gas.

The NHTSA is looking to make backup cameras a requirement on all minivans, pickup trucks, passenger cars, buses and vehicles with a gross weight of up to 10,000 pounds. These cameras would turn on and would display images from the back of the vehicle to drivers whenever the vehicle is in reverse.

The Administration of the NHTSA, David Strickland, is hoping that backup cameras will significantly reduce the risks of backup accidents. He says that all ages are at risk for one of these accidents, but especially young children and the elderly. Strickland also reiterates that this technology is a useful tool in preventing injury, but nothing is more effective in making safer roadways than driver attention.

Drivers are urged to always know and to physically see where children are and to make sure there is no one behind your vehicle before backing up.

According to the NHTSA, there is an average of nearly 300 fatalities and about 20,000 injuries every year because of back-over accidents that involved motor vehicles. Of these accidents, nearly 230 fatalities involved a vehicle that weighed less than 10,000 pounds. Both young children and elderly pedestrians most often fall victim to these accidents. Nearly 45 percent of the deadly accidents that involved a light vehicle happened to a child under the age of 5. This is an abnormally high percentage for any type of accidents. Pedestrians over the age of 69 accounted for nearly 35 percent of these accidents.

Throughout the remainder of the year and during the holiday season, parking lots will be full of shoppers and driveways will be packed with friends and family members. Drivers are asked to be cautious of their complete surroundings before backing up, regardless of where the vehicle is located. Always walk behind the vehicle to make sure nothing’s there before reversing.

Have a safe, injury-free and Happy Holidays!

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