New Intersection Technology Could Reduce Risks of Car Accidents in Chicago

Red light cameras. Speed Cameras. Now a system that prevents other traffic from going when a vehicle is running a red light at an intersection could be the next technology deployed in an effort to save lives.

A new measure that’s leading the way for Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s red-light speeding cameras was recently approved by a state House committee and later approved by the full House. This measure was already approved by the state Senate. Now, all the measure needs is the signature of Gov. Quinn, according to the Huff Post.Intersection cameras to catch speeders and red-light runners have been a hot topic of debate in the area for quite some time now. Some say these cameras are effective in helping to reduce the risks of intersection car accidents in Chicago, while others find them to be nothing more than a revenue generator.

Our Chicago car accident attorneys note Arizona is deploying yet another system — this one prevents lights from changing when a red-light runner is passing through an intersection. Previously, drivers complained about an increase in rear-ending accidents and debatable citations issued by such intersection technologies. This latest technology was recently introduced by Redflex Traffic Systems in Chandler, Arizona. It claims to be able to read traffic flow and can detect when a driver is about to run a red light. To help stop accidents, it adjusts the other lights to hold off traffic for the light-running driver, according to AZ Central.

“If it is what it appears to be, it is going to save lives,” said Chandler Police Lt. Richard Speer, commander of the traffic bureau. “We are hoping Chandler will be one of its test areas.”

Intersection car accidents are among the nation’s deadliest. Data concludes that roughly 40 percent of the near 6,000,000 accidents that happened in the U.S. in 2008 were accidents that happened in intersections.

A lot of these intersection accidents happened when a car that’s making a left turn collides with one that’s coming from another direction. These lights could potentially hold other cars from proceeding through the light and thus save lives.

Red-light cameras were first used in Chicago in 2003. As of April of 2011, there are nearly 200 intersections with red-light cameras. Although these cameras only photograph and ticket drivers who run through a red light, the new technology could make its way to Chicago and could potentially alter traffic flow.

The Chicago Department of Transportation handles the installation and maintenance of these cameras, while the Chicago Department of Revenue handles all of the citations.

Chicago Intersections with Red-Light Cameras

Regardless of what technology is deployed at intersections, residents and officials may never be able to agree on what is best for the city. What we all can agree on is that nothing beats driver awareness when it comes to preventing accidents. Please be safe on our roadways and be courteous to other drivers.

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