Multi-Vehicle Accident Shuts Down Chicago Expressway

In Chicago, Illinois a multiple vehicle car accident shut down a major expressway on Monday, according to CBS News. The car crash was on the Elgin-O’Hare Expressway and it was reportedly caused by icy conditions. The accident involved at least 10 vehicles and it backed up traffic for miles. It occurred in the area of Gary Avenue near Hanover Park in the eastbound lanes, and the delay was so bad that many vehicles turned around into the westbound lanes. Three motorists were injured in the accident, non of them life-threatening.

The weather caused many crashes on several expressways in the Chicago area. On the Edens there were rollover crashes and vehicles sliding off the highway. IDOT reported that salt spreading on the highways was less effective than usual due to the extreme cold weather.

There has been several days of hazardous driving lately in the Chicago area. On Sunday it was icy, extremely cold, and high winds made it very difficult for drivers to keep their vehicles under control.

It has been a rough month of weather in Chicago. It’s only December, and I am already hearing people saying they have had enough winter and are ready for spring. It could be a long winter, so bundle up and drive safely.

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