Motorcyclist Killed in Lakeview Crash

A motorcycle crash in Lakeview left a 31-year-old man dead on Thursday afternoon, adding to the already high number of recent Illinois motorcycle fatalities. The biker was reportedly on Inner Lake Shore Drive near the intersection with Grace Street on the north side of Chicago when he fell from his bike and was then struck by a car.

Officials have not specified the exact location of the crash other than that it occurred in the 3800 block near Grace, but it could be unclear since the intersection with Sheridan is mere feet to the north, which creates an elongated intersection in the area that serve three separate streets. The interchange can be confusing to drivers who are unfamiliar with the area and there have been crashes there in the past.

It is not yet known what caused the motorcyclist to fall off his bike or the car to hit the man and police have not yet said whether any drivers will be charged with crimes in this case.

Biking in Illinois is more popular than many realize. In fact, motorcycles account for about 4 percent of all registered vehicles in the state, meaning that one in 25 vehicles is a motorcycle. This number has been increasing steadily through the last 20 years as gas continues to climb and traffic jams continue to cause headaches in the city. Though they account for only 4 percent of all vehicles, motorcyclists made up 15.8 percent of all fatalities in Illinois in 2011. Part of the reasoning behind the disproportionate number of fatalities is that motorcyclists have very little to protect them if they are involved in a crash.

Illinois does not require motorcyclists to wear helmets when they ride and other safety gear, like leather jackets, gloves, and boots, is similarly not required. Without the protective steel surrounding them like they would have in a car and without a helmet, there is little to absorb the impact of a collision other than the biker’s body.

Even when a motorcyclist does everything right, he can still be a victim of an accident. Too often, cars fail to look out for bikers or drive in a manner that threatens the safety of a motorcyclist. This can lead to a collision which can leave a biker with serious or even fatal injuries.



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