Man Killed After His Car Rammed Off of the Road onto I-57 in Washington Heights Neighborhood

A 31 year old man was killed last week, when the car he was driving was forced off of the road byan SUV driving next to him, causing the car to careen off of the road and down an embankment. The SUV which was believed to be the cause of the wreck, was found abandoned on a nearby street still running. There is little information at this point in time regarding the circumstances surrounding the incident.

The driver of the SUV fled the scene, and it is unclear if anyone else was involved in the crash. Witnesses told the police that the vehicle was airborne at some point before crashing to the ground.

The victim of the crash was believed to have been in a silver Dodge Stratus, though it remains unclear whether he was a driver or passenger in the vehicle. He leaves behind a wife and two children.

Authorities revealed that they are unsure as to who the owners of the SUV and the Stratus are. Both vehicles have sustained damage to their steering columns, which could indicate that they were stolen at some point in time. Additionally, the SUV has temporary tags, but the individual to whom it is registered does not reside at the address on the registration. The victim of the accident did not own a car.

Due to the lack of information surrounding the crash, it is unclear whether this is a case of aggressive driving, or there are other factors involved. For example, police stated that many of the victim’s family members showed up to the site of the crash throughout the night, eventhough they had not notified them. One of the family members stated that she received an anonymous phone call relating to the victim’s death. Additionally, one of the witnesses stated that a person ran down the embankment to view the victim’s body, before running back up the embankment and disappearing.

Regardless of the particular facts motivating the dangerous driving, absent exigent circumstances, it seems probable that the driver of the SUV was acting in a reckless manner when forcing the Stratus out of its lane. A reasonable person would realize that doing so would most likely result in the injuring and potentially life threatening result for the people riding in the car being forced off of the road.

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