Local Celebs Participate in Demonstration to Raise Awareness of Drunk Driving Accidents in Illinois

We can now say goodbye to the summer season. Unfortunately the risks of drunk driving car accidents in Chicago and elsewhere will not diminish as we head into football season and the year-end holidays. With the holiday season approaching, more and more drivers head out to local hot spots to celebrate good times with friends and family, according to KTTC.

To help reduce the risks of these drunk driving accidents, Pete McMurray, the morning show host for Chicago’s 97.9 The Loop and NBC Chicago’s “24/7” television show, uses his time on the air to raise awareness in drivers of the effects of driving while intoxicated. He uses his shows to educate his listeners about the dangers and the consequences that motorists face when sharing the roadways with an irresponsible and intoxicated drivers.Our Chicago personal injury attorneys understand that a large number of motorists are injured and killed by intoxicated drivers every year. To help combat this number, the Illinois State Police recently conducted a “Wet Lab Experiment.” As we recently discussed on our Chicago Car Accident Lawyers Blog, a wet lab experiment requires participants to consume an amount of alcohol that would place them at a legally drunk level (.08 blood alcohol concentration). They are then asked to complete a number of tasks that a normal drunk driver would if they were stopped by an officer, including a DUI arrest and Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFSTs). McMurray was also a part of the demonstration.

McMurray participated in a wet lab experiment live during The Pete McMurray Show on 97.9 The Loop. The experiment took place late last month.

“It is important for people to know what effect even a single drink can have on your abilities and judgment. Even at 6am when we’re starting the show and certain third shift socialites are just hitting their favorite pub,” said McMurray.

Jane Monzures, the host of “Living Healthy Chicago” of WGN, also joined McMurray for the drunk driving awareness demonstration.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were more than 300 people that were killed because of traffic accidents that involved an intoxicated driver in 2009 in Illinois. Our state reports that about 50,000 people are arrested every single year for driving while intoxicated.

After the experiment, members from the Chicago, Police Department, The National Transportation Safety Administration, the Illinois Department of Transportation, the media personalities and a number of other state officials participated in a press conference to discuss the findings of the wet lab.

It’s no surprise that drinking and driving is a dangerous habit, yet far too many motorists continue to endanger innocent motorists on our roadways. With increased enforcement efforts and more conscious driving habits, we can all contribute our efforts to help make our roadways safer during the upcoming holiday season and year round.

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