In an effort to reduce deadly Chicago car crashes, DUI strike force is on patrol in the 10th District

The Chicago Police Department issued a press release last week stating that to try to reduce Illinois auto accidents, it’s DUI strike force patrol would hit the streets over the weekend for the second time in recent weeks. The patrol was to take place in the Ogden District from 8 PM on Friday until 4 AM on Saturday.

Police say the intention of the program is to saturate an area of the City with police officers constantly monitoring traffic for signs of intoxicated drivers. They were to look for speeders, seat-belt violators, and alcohol-related violations. The Chicago Police Department also stated they would be patrolling with a portable breath alcohol testing unit to expedite the process of charging a driver with DUI.

The DUI strike force patrol worked the Jefferson Park (16th) District on November 19-20, 2010. At that time they issued the following numbers of citations:

DUI: 1
Open Liquor: 2
Insurance Violations: 15
Occupant Protection: 4
Drivers License Violations: 12
City Sticker Violations: 11
Speeding: 0
Traffic Violations (other): 14

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Click here to read the December 2, 2010 Chicago Police Department press release.

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