Illinois House Approves Speeding Cameras Bill to Reduce Risks of Car Accidents in Chicago

The use of speed cameras was recently approved by state lawmakers to help reduce the risks of car accidents in Chicago near parks and city schools. The 64-50 Illinois House vote approved the proposal from Mayor Rahm Emanuel. The measure has already been approved by the Senate and will now be passed on to Governor Pat Quinn, according to CBS Chicago.Mayor Emanuel has campaigning for speed cameras for some time now. He believes that they should be used to catch drivers who speed within an eighth of a mile of any Chicago park or school. The cameras would cite and ticket any driver who exceeds the speed limit by at least 5 mph in these areas.

Our Chicago car accident attorneys understand that the city would have to do a month-long education campaign before using the cameras. Intersections that will be using these cameras will be required to have signs alerting drivers that there are speed cameras present.

“The goal is to change people’s behavior. You have education, engineering and enforcement and if you don’t have the enforcement, the other two aren’t as effective,” said the Chicago Department of Transportation’s Commissioner Gabe Klein.

The mayor insisted that these cameras were not going to be used to generate cash for the city, but for a part of its plan to keep child pedestrians safe. He says if you follow the law, then you’ve got nothing to worry about. If you’re one of the law breakers, then there’s going to be a problem. He’s just asking motorists to slow their speed in these areas with young pedestrians.

The mayor cited recent statistics in the city that proved that the number of pedestrian deaths decreased by about 70 percent in areas that has these cameras installed.

The Chicago Department of Transportation conducted a before and after study of more than 100 speed light cameras. Conclusions indicated that there nearly 30 pedestrian fatalities in these areas before the cameras were installed and just six fatalities after they went in.

Not everyone’s on board with the camera idea though. A recent study from “The Expired Meter” website illustrated that these speed light cameras could produce even more money for the city than the red-light cameras.

A trial run of seven red-light cameras concluded that more than $100 million could be made if speeding cameras were used in place. The study concluded that speeders are nearly 60 times more common than red-light runners. The $100 million was estimated off of only seven cameras. If Quinn approved the measure, the number of cameras in the area could increase drastically.

Right now, the city has red-light cameras in nearly 80 locations. Emanuel wants to upgrade these cameras to catch speeders, too.

Currently, only 3 percent of the city is covered by intersection cameras. If the bill passes, then nearly 50 percent would be covered.

A speeding motorist caught by one of these cameras would get a ticket in the mail. Photos would only be snapped of the vehicle and not of the driver therefor the vehicle’s owner would receive a ticket in the mail. A speeding ticket would cost about $100. Five unpaid tickets could wind up with the revocation of your driver’s license.

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