Illinois bicycle accident attorney takes new case for Kane County resident

Chicago personal injury lawyers from Abels & Annes have signed on to represent a Kane County man that was injured in a bicycle crash. The collision occurred in October, 2010 in the far western suburb of Sugar Grove.

The plaintiff was riding a bicycle on Wheatfield Avenue when a driver did not see him on the roadway and struck the bicyclist’s handlebars with his side view mirror. This caused our client to crash, hitting his shoulder directly on the pavement.

The Illinois bicycle rider started having significant pain and swelling in the area of his left shoulder. He was seen at the ER at Provina Mercy Medical Center soon after the collision. X-rays at the hospital show the plaintiff suffered a separated shoulder in the crash. ER physicians then recommended the client see an orthopedic physician for follow-up treatment.

As the weather cools off in Chicago, drivers have to remember that bicyclists are still on the road. Motorists have to keep a lookout and share the road with them, and be especially careful when making left turns and when opening car doors after parking your vehicle.

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