Geese Crossing Street Leads To Chicago Area School Bus Accident

In Naperville, Illinois an auto accident occurred on Thursday after a vehicle stopped to allow geese to cross the road, according to the Naperville Sun. A second car stopped behind the first car, and then a school bus rear-ended the 2nd car, knocking it into the 1st car. The auto accident occurred at Naper Boulevard and Chicago Avenue around 7 a.m.

The school bus was headed to Naperville North High School with 33 students on board. No injuries were reported and the bus was able to continue on to school.

If it ends up there were injuries in the accident, liability would mainly be against the school bus operator for driving too fast for conditions and failing to stop in time to avoid an accident. While no injuries were reported at the scene, it is likely that the occupants of the vehicle that was rear-ended sustained back and/or neck injuries (and others involved could have been injured as well).

If the bus driver was injured, while at fault, he or she would still have a case as well. The driver would have a workers’ compensation claim against the bus company for injuries sustained on the job.

Finally, word on the street is the geese fled the scene of the accident.

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