Firey Truck Crash Seriously Injures 4 in Illinois

A three vehicle crash on the Edens near Northbrook left four people injured on Sunday night, according to the Chicago Tribune. The Illinois State Police Department reported that a truck traveling northbound attempted to switch from the right lane to the center lane when it was not clear to do so, striking a vehicle in the center lane. The truck then veered hard to the right where it struck a second vehicle. After the second impact, the driver of the truck lost control, veered left across all lanes of traffic, and stuck a wall on the highway shoulder.

After the truck came to a rest, one of its gas tanks caught fire. Four people were injured in the collision and transported to local hospitals. A 10-year-old girl and a woman both suffered life-threatening injuries and their present conditions are not known.

Another woman and a man also were injured in the crash which caused traffic in both lanes to be diverted for a period of time.

Illinois State Police confirmed they cited the driver of the truck for improper lane usage, failure to have insurance, and failure to display a medical card and log book.

This collision is a reminder of just how serious crashes with semis can be. Semi trucks can be 20 times larger than a standard passenger car with a mass to match. This means that in a collision, a standard passenger vehicle is no match for a semi and often suffers extreme damage.

In 2011, there were 10,033 crashes involving semi trucks and 93 fatal crashes involving semis in Illinois. This number accounted for 3.6 percent of all crashes but 9.7 percent of fatalities. Of those fatalities, 74 were occupants in vehicles other than the semi and 4 were pedestrians, meaning that 15 of the deaths involved semi-truck drivers and occupants.

Semi truck collisions are also particularly deadly because semis often travel at high rates of speed. Truck drivers spend a large percent of their time on highways and freeways which allows the truckers to drive fast. Increased speeds means that the forces involved in any collision are significant and can lead to serious injuries.

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